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be73fac7ebf5080a8740716d0e1e6e1bSpace of the Week: I’m loving this room with the bookshelves and low round table.   I think it’s a great concept to translate into an office space as well, what do you think?

This week seems to be flying by! We’ve just wrapped up with our Spring 14 photo shoot and I can’t wait to share this new collection with you.  Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a few behind the scenes photos from the shoot so be sure to check back.  Here’s our weekly list of interesting/lovely things from around the web:

A lovely Seattle home by one of my favorite designers.

The brain test.  I took it twice and got ‘left-brained.’  It got me thinking about exercising your brain and I thought I might try this.

Sounds like heaven for sensitive skin.

The Invitation.

From doing to being – while this is about exercise I think it applies to any type of goal.

The Olympics in Manhattan.

Jenna Lyon’s life rules – I relate with so many of them, especially the importance of always feeling like you’re learning and making mistakes.

I’d love to have these on my desk while waiting for the weather to warm up.

Can’t wait to see where things go from here! I’ll be checking back for inspiration when I get my own studio space.

I keep meaning to investigate this site more…and you should too, it’s full of beautiful homes like this one!

Striped shirts (my favorite).

Always love seeing what my the talented folks at Fort Standard are up to.

A giveaway not to miss.

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