Everyday Inspiration

barnaclesI haven’t been able to stop thinking about this beautiful barnacle texture spotted on our trip to the Cape.

Required Reading

bedroomSpace of the Week: Isn’t this bedroom lovely? It’s pretty much my dream…although I’d mix in a few more patterns on the bed.

Here’s my list of required reading for the week:

Tips for mixing artwork and wallpaper.

Sounds like something I need to try for headaches.

Amazing handwoven lighting.

Love these side tables.

Erica Tanov’s home is so inspiring.

A great interview with the founder of Common Good.

Project V from my friends at Anona.

I’d like to pop into this ship in Paris.

Materials Part 1: Fabric

Fabric Sourcing

Last week we talked about the local production of our products.  This week I thought we’d dive deeper and take a look at the materials we use.

Our fabric selection is an evolving process and an area we’re working to improve upon. When we first started we didn’t make many pillows.  We bought fabric found through local stores and online, and were limited on what we could find at retail.  Often it’s hard to find out more about the fabric other than the country of origin unless you’re buying directly from the supplier.  Now that we have the ability to buy in bulk, we’re focusing on sourcing fabrics that are ethically made. This is a bit of a process as it involves a lot of research and we plan to use all of the other fabric in the studio prior to investing in new yardage.  Our Fall 14 collection will be a transition.

We’re moving away from fabrics made in China and India and focusing on European and US and made fabrics.  Some fabrics coming out of these areas are produced ethically, but many aren’t.  We’ve learned that linen from China is made with many chemicals and enzymes to break down the plant, where as linen made in Belgium is made with almost none. We’re now transitioning all of our linen to Belgian linen, mostly sourced through Libeco.  We’ll share more about their linen this fall when the new products launch.  As we make more of these changes we’ll continue to update you - so stay tuned!

Next week, we’ll be back with more on materials.  As always please leave your comments and questions below! We love to hear your thoughts.

Everyday Inspiration

capecodfindsI thought it would be fun to start sharing a bit of the everyday inspiration that I’m drawn to here on the blog.  I’ve collected quite a few things from our trip to the Cape, but this particular Lady Crab shell and the worn mussel shell with soft purple coloring may have been my favorites.  I also love the color palette mixed with my nail polish color.  Isn’t the pattern on the Lady Crab shell amazing?  It’s almost a leopard print or floral.  What has inspired you this week?