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Patterned Green BedroomSpace of the Week: I love the use of pattern in this bright bedroom by Ben Pentreath.

January has flown by and we’re getting ready to launch our spring collection. Our printed pillows are being sewn right in the building here in Industry City, and we’re dyeing shibori panels since our inventory is low on most of our styles.  I’m beginning to develop wovens and embroidered fabrics that will be a part of the line in 2017. It’s exciting to be expanding the techniques we offer and be working with new materials. I’ve also just gotten the first pass on the layout of my book and now we just need a few more photos and illustrations to finish everything off. I can’t believe it’s almost finished! Anyways, here are a few links not to miss this week:

Pretty lampshades. Spot them again in this beautiful home. I love the colors in the space – spot on!

I might need to get this.

These paintings inspired by famous work of old masters.

Michelle Adam’s home.

I want to make this and this

Fun facts about Royal Copenhagen. My husband and I collect the blue fluted mega pattern.

This sounds like an interesting read.

Aren’t these spice containers beautiful? It has me rethinking ours!

Places to find secondhand furniture online.


Something I’d like to start doing.

A new look on one of my favorite blogs!

I’m looking for trip inspiration and this post made me want to got to Barcelona. While I do love to travel, I hate to plan trips….so Journy may be just what I’ve been looking for.

Wearing Color

Blue CoatBlue Coat via The Satorialist

I feel lucky that here in New York we’ve had a pretty mild winter – until now! We just had a snowy weekend and a few bitter windy days earlier this month. I can’t deny that winter is here.  This time of year my skin feels scratchy, my hair dull, and my clothes become monochromatic and neutral. Before leaving the house I’m zipping myself up into a black down parker, winding a scarf around my neck and half way up my face, before plopping a hat on my head. I’m counting the days until spring and desperately missing color.

Red Sweater Blue SkirtRed and Blue Classics

Bright Nail PolishBright Nail Polish

I definitely revert to basics and neutrals in my wardrobe because I’m constantly thinking about color, pattern, and texture in my work.  A lot of the time I just don’t want to have to make another design decision about what I’m going to wear.  This time of year though, I feel my wardrobe becomes sad because I’m purely thinking of warmth. This has inspired me to think more about wearing color. I’ve noticed even painting my nails a bright tomato red adds a bit of brightness to my day.  On pinterest I’ve been looking for outfit inspiration, and while I can’t go out and buy a new winter wardrobe the inspiration alone has been uplifting and just one piece can make a difference.  I’m making a conscious decision to choose more color, while still looking for those classic pieces I’ll return to time and again.  Color is so personal, and it can be tricky to find just the right tone but when you do it’s pretty awesome.

See more on Pinterest. I’ll also be sharing on instagram my attempts at adding my color to my winter wardrobe.

colorful outfitColorful Basics

Method Collab: Herb Garden

Rebecca Atwood + Method | Herb GardenPhoto by Emily Johnston

This time of year, I’m craving spring. It feels so good when it finally arrives, and the fresh smells in the air and subtle explosion of color inspired this design. I grew up in a restaurant, and my mom grew an herb garden that my dad would pull from for the restaurant’s dishes. In the spring it smells just like this fragrance – a bouquet of freshly cut herbs notes of basil, rosemary, sage and thyme. The pattern was originally hand painted with watercolor and gouache in my sketchbook while thinking about petals and leaves beginning to bloom almost like confetti. You can find the collection in Target stores across the country and online.

Rebecca Atwood + Method - Herb Garden Artwork Rebecca Atwood + Method - Herb Garden Colors Rebecca Atwood + Method - Herb Garden Process

Required Reading

patterned bathroomSpace of the Week: This patterned bathroom has me dreaming of wallpapering spaces in my own home even though we rent!

Winter is certainly here in New York! It’s been freezing and we’re bundling up. I’m dreaming of spring weather and beginning to work on ideas for spring 2017. Here are a few links not to miss:

A clever necklace organizer.

Perfecting the desk lunch. Yes!

Face masks to try.

These rugs!

I’m going to Mexico in February and am eyeing these getaway essentials.  I’m also dreaming of this suit by from Sally King Benedict’s collaboration with Marysia swim….and these umbrellas!


A great sneaker roundup.

A new podcast I’m enjoying.

This lemon ricotta cake sounds delicious.

Method Collab: Sandalwood

Rebecca Atwood + Method | SandalwoodPhoto by Emily Johnston

I’ve always loved stripes! They’re classic, sophisticated, and there are endless possibilities for playing with color and proportion. We chose a painterly neutral stripe and paired it with the woody scent of sandalwood. To speak to the complexity of this scent I added in a second dotted design to reference the masculine-feminine balance of the scent. The two patterns play together effortlessly and are a perfect fit for this forest scent with notes of sandalwood, cardamom, and tonka bean. Shop the collection at Target stores across the country and online!

Rebecca Atwood + Method - Sandalwood Process