Required Reading

Simple SpaceSpace of the Week: This week I’ve been thinking a lot about simplicity and the patterns objects make as I  work on manuscript revisions for my book, so this space from Lonny really caught my eye.

This week I’ve been focused on writing. I’d planned a short trip to the Cape to spend time with my parents a while back and am here for a few days. I think the change of scenery has actually been very productive for me with work, not to mention I’ve really enjoyed being here for a few days.  I head back to the city tomorrow, missing the holiday rush.  I hope you all have a lovely long weekend! Happy Labor Day!

Here are a few links not to miss:

Work hard, live well.

My husband’s often working late, and that often means I eat cheese and crackers or cereal for dinner.  This post on cooking for one is giving me some inspiration.

Take What you Need.

A lovely space by Coveted Home featuring one of our marble pillows.

This bathroom is gorgeous!

Macrame inspiration.

A beginner’s guide to mindfulness.

Justina’s kitchen is pretty awesome.

Women to Watch.

Labor Day inspired finds.

Required Reading

bedroomSpace of the Week: This porch bedroom is pretty dreamy, don’t you think?  See other small bedrooms ideas here.

I’m back from the beach outside of Charleston.  Last week we had spent our days by the beach and our nights eating many great meals.  It was a really wonderful week of much needed relaxation….and while Sunday wasn’t that long ago, it already feels like it’s been ages since I’ve been back! I’m feeling lucky we had that time though and refreshed for the full workload I have right now.  Here are a few links for you to enjoy:

Good (book) reads from Grace and Chassity.

Abandoned Love.

I’ve heard this theory on time before and it makes so much sense. This is a really cool way to show it.

Filing these doors/windows under our someday home.

While I don’t think I could ever go this minimalist, this home is pretty dreamy.

These rooms also caught my eye: a dreamy white bedroom, a luxurious farmhouse, and a home with a modern mix of materials.

I thought this astro color test was surprisingly accurate.

While I’m not much of a jewelry person usually, I’ve had it on my mind since borrowing this necklace my sister one night while we were together on the Cape. I’ve been perusing Holst & Lee since and am also loving this style as well as these beautiful ones from Theodosia.

Required Reading

calm bedroom

Space of the Week: I’m loving this moody but serene bedroom from this renovated French chateau. That mobile is pretty amazing, don’t you think?

How has your week been? Mine has felt full. I’ve gotten spring 2016 designs out the door to start sampling for fabric and wallpaper which is exciting.  I can’t wait to see this collection come to life.  Later today we have our friends from Eskayel stopping by the studio for a creative afternoon.  Follow along on instagram or snapchat (rebeccaatwood) to see more.

Here’s my list of weekly links not to miss:

This movie is on my list for the fall.  I’m planning to read the book too.

I make this all the time – it’s one of my favorite things to eat.

A Kiss, Deferred.

If I were in LA I’d sign up for this.

I dream of having outdoor space.

Paper thin technology that could have a huge impact.

Stripes forever.

Loved seeing this feature on Harper of Proud Mary.  I had the pleasure of meeting her in Charleston for my book.

I’ve always wanted to travel to Japan so I thought this was interesting.

Disclaimer: this is a Nature Valley ad, but I thought it was worth sharing as it makes you think.

A good trick for seeing what you really wear.

Fabric I love.

Scallop Shells

Scallop Shells

I’m still thinking about these shells. They’re on my nightside table and the colors are so beautiful.

Ice Dyeing

Ice Dyeing - Pink Ice Dyeing

Ice dyeing is a fun project that we’ve been meaning to try out for ages! Nellie came across it online maybe a year ago, but it’s taken until now for us to give it a try.  The other week we spent a bit of our Friday afternoon experimenting and the results were pretty beautiful.  We followed instructions found on Dharma Trading, but I’ve listed basic steps below along with our comments after the jump.