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You are invited to come shop at our studio! We will be selling samples and one off designs from seasons past and present. We are located right next to Smorgasburg and Brooklyn Flea’s Winter location in Industry City, Brooklyn. More details to follow!

Required Reading

Patterned Room by Tony DuquetteSpace of the Week: This patterned room is pretty spectacular. I had a hard time tracking down the source but I believe it was designed by Tony Duquette.

Fun facts that may surprise you.

Sometimes I love New York, and sometimes I can’t stop dreaming about leaving. These beds with a view have me dreaming of a home outside of the city.

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Pattern on pattern. I’d love to do this with some of my own designs!

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A cool headboard idea.

My sister and I have a lot in common – this included.

A cool home makeover.

This is what happens to old subway cars.

There’s something really cool about these tiled stoves.

Ceramic Artist: Bridget Bodenham

Bridget Bodenham Ceramics Teapot

It’s been a while since I’ve had down time. This last year has really flown by and we’re already into fall! I’ve had some time to catch my breath the past two weeks and it’s felt really good.  This weekend I spent my mornings lounging around with our kittens and perusing Pinterest.  I came across this image of a beautiful teapot by Bridget Bodenham and knew I had to share it.  I definitely have a love for ceramics, and these just feel so fresh to me.  I’m already plotting how to get some for my own home.

Bridget Bodenham Ceramics 01Bridget Bodenham CeramicsImages from Bridget’s instagram account

Bridget is an Australian ceramics artist and her pottery is made from high fired clays; stoneware, raku and porcelain.  Cobalt oxide is her chosen decoration feature along with gold, platinum and copper luster.  As you know, I’m a blue and metallic lover so these are right up my alley.

Bridget Bodenham Ceramics 02 Bridget Bodenham Ceramics 03 Bridget Bodenham Ceramics 04 Bridget Bodenham Ceramics 05Images from Bridget’s shop