Required Reading

porchSpace of the Week: Ever since Charleston I’ve been dreaming about having a porch. I’m going back on Monday for the book so this space seemed like appropriate inspiration today.

I can’t believe it’s May. I’m really happy though that the weather is warmer, and that by the end of the month almost everything for my book will be photographed.  It’s been an experience for sure, and at times overwhelming, but I’m also really enjoying the process.  It’s pretty awesome to be working on such a big project and I really can’t wait to share it with you all!  We’ve visited some pretty amazing homes and it’s definitely inspiring me.  Anyways, I’ve been compiling some links for a while now that I wanted to share.  Happy Weekend!

More porch inspiration.

This home.

Love this braid tutorial and this one too from my sister.

My friends at Felt + Fat are running a kickstarter to grow their business. I’m pretty obsessed with their work (especially the marble designs), and it’s a great chance to score some of their beautiful pieces.

Framing tips (and our pillows!)

Loved this career advice.

A floor from Pompeii.

Spring style.

A beach home.

Empathy cards.

Required Reading

canopy bedSpace of the Week: I love this modern bohemian take on the canopy bed.  Looks pretty comfy don’t you think?

It’s been a while since I pulled together some of my favorite links. The book has definitely taken over my life, and I’m having a hard time keeping up with everything to be honest.  Despite all the craziness I am really enjoying the process (other than the scheduling!).  Yesterday I did take a break and got my nails done which felt so nice. It’s the little things! If you want a peek at what I’m working on with the book follow along on instagram or snapchat (rebeccaatwood). Anyways, here’s a bit of link love to end the week:

Favorite books

Denim love

One of our favorite office tools is in the NY Times.

I love having plants in my home, so definitely bookmarking this for when one of them isn’t looking so hot.

I love this garden with the cacti in gilded pots.

I’m a fan of pink bathrooms too – what about you?

Loved this interview about makeup with one of my favorite bloggers.

For all of you with upstairs neighbors.

This month I’m also the guest editor at Clementine Daily, and to kick off there’s a little interview up.

Introducing The Dobler Collecton

Rebecca Atwood | The Dobler Collection Rebecca Atwood | The Dobler Collection Rebecca Atwood | The Dobler Collection Rebecca Atwood | The Dobler Collection Rebecca Atwood | The Dobler Collection Rebecca Atwood | The Dobler Collection Rebecca Atwood | The Dobler Collection Rebecca Atwood | The Dobler Collection Rebecca Atwood | The Dobler CollectionPhotography by Emily Johnston

I’m thrilled to announce our new spring pillows are here!

This collection began on a lazy weekend, with the easeful feeling of sleeping in, stretching your
legs and feeling blissfully relaxed. The moment when the sunshine pours through the window
creating speckled and gridded patterns across the room inspired the collection. Soft diffused light that
changes with the wind creating a range of hues – soft lilac grays, minty greens, deep teal, cobalt blue,
and a midnight blue-purple. This small moment of the day is one that always goes too quickly.
Painterly shibori linens, dotted and circled patterns, and leaf inspired designs layer together to create
this thoughtfully crafted assortment of patterned pillows. Luxurious but relaxed, these artful works
beg to be lived with and enjoyed.