We’re Hiring, Here’s the Scoop!

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We’re Hiring, Here’s the Scoop:


This position is all about keeping the office organized with systems in place to allow for a personalized work experience within the company, and a more inspiring experience for our customer.


Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

General Studio/Office Management:

-General office organization

-Help keep track of office supplies that need to be ordered

-Create and implement a sample organization and fabric archive/library

-Liase with showrooms on regular basis to ensure things are running smoothly, questions are answered, and they are up to date on studio news.

-Manage inventory of swatches for fabric line and wallpaper in the studio as well as with showrooms.

-Keep best-seller board up to date and assist with additional needs of Marketing and Sales Manager.

-Digital office organization

-Keep all of our spreadsheets for the fabric line, interior designers, showrooms, etc. up to date and accurate (color names, sku number, etc. must match across all)

-Keep files organized on our dropbox server, especially photography images

-Answer the studio phone and hello@ emails

-Direct trade account set ups, and then forward potential sales to Marketing and Sales Manager.

-Manage client contact info and enter new accounts into salesforce


Order Fulfillment:

-Keep inventory up to date (fabric, pillows, zippers, etc)

-Liase with warehouse coordinator on regular basis to ensure things are running smoothly.

-Orders for online, wholesale, and showrooms entered into Quickbooks.

-Place orders with warehouse for shipments from online orders, showrooms, and wholesale.

-Order (and follow up with) fabric and wallpaper that needs to be printed for specific orders with our production partners.

-Enter all fabric and wallpaper orders into Order spreadsheet.

-Follow up with custom orders.

-Follow up with tracking information on all orders/

-Ship swatch orders, as well as miscellaneous product not at the warehouse, for online orders.

-Follow up with showrooms to make sure they have memo samples, and restock as needed.


Product Development Responsibilities:

-Work with Creative Director and Sales and Marketing Manager to create production plan each season, and as needed.

-Coordinate with vendors on production needs including volume, timelines, and quality standards.

-Assist with keeping product development process moving by following up with vendors throughout production.

-Run errands in garment district as needed (pick up zippers, check in with pillow sewing, source fabric, etc.)

-Research new vendors as needed


Communication Responsibilities:

-Assist with maintenance of website, under direction of Marketing manager.

-Keep press page of website up to date with most relevant information.

-Write drafts of blog posts related to company values that most resonate.

-Maintain a professional and open line with vendors, press, and customers

-Keep all design work, related documents, and correspondence secure and where relevant backed-up



College graduate

1+ year of work experience preferred

Some experience with Quickbooks and Salesforce is a plus, but not required


This job is NOT for you if:

You don’t like working in a small business where every day is different.

You don’t LOVE organizing and creating systems.

You’re not looking for a job you can grow with.

You don’t enjoy home décor.

You want a design job.


To Apply:

Email the following to hello@rebeccaatwood.com:

Resume and cover letter including your favorite item you own in your home and why.

Two references.


Please note that due to the level of responses we receive, we will not be following up with all applicants directly but if we feel you are a good fit, we will be following up with qualified candidates within 7 days of this job posting.  Thank you for your application!

We want to hear from you!





















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Inspired by the Sea


The sea is a constant source of inspiration. The ever changing colors and movements provide visual cues for designs and an over-arching sense of calm.  A few of our patterns are directly inspired by the sea.  While the waves pattern draws inspiration from the patterning left on the sand at low tide, the ripple design references the way shapes of the waves as they glint in the sub, and the marble pattern alludes to the swirling surf. These tonal patterns are a great for layering and can act as texture within a room. We hope you’ll enjoy them!

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Celebrating Rebecca Atwood Designs’ Three Years Anniversary



This week marks three years since I launched my first collection of pillows. It has been a whirlwind of a ride and this anniversary seemed like a good time to reflect on the past few years.

Starting my own business has been the most challenging thing I’ve ever taken on, but also so rewarding! Seeing it grow, and being able to create product that I am truly passionate about — as my job — has given me a real sense of accomplishment.  It has also given me the opportunity to become engaged in the creative small business communities here in New York and elsewhere. I feel lucky that I can emphasize the creative process in my business, and I love dreaming up what to explore next, and knowing that anything is possible.

There have been other times that I’ve felt so overwhelmed, and unsure if I made the right choice in going out on my own. Despite the challenges, though, I think deep down, I’ve known that this was the right choice for me. I’ve had to learn so many new things that it’s been uncomfortable a lot of the way. I’ve had to learn how to use Quickbooks for bookkeeping, get a line of credit, project out financial plans so I can pay my bills, and so much more. I would be lying if I told you it’s been easy – but I’ve learned to be a little more at ease with the uncertainty, and that’s something I’ll constantly be relearning. I couldn’t be doing this without the support of my husband, family, and friends. Their belief in me keeps me going!

Now when I meet people who are familiar with the line they’re often surprised what a small operation we are. Everyday it’s Nellie, my right hand woman, and myself in the studio getting it all done. I have a great team of outside resources as well including my publicist Megan of Chloette Public Relations, my accountant Barb, my photographers Emily Johnston and Ren Yagolnitzer, my friends and mentors Andrea and Matthew, and our showrooms Studio Four, Harbinger, and Fritz Porter. It’s impossible to do everything all on your own and I am so thankful to all of them.

This year so many exciting projects will be coming to fruition. I’ve been thrilled to work with Method Home on our limited edition collection of hand soaps and cleaning products, and the second collection will be released in July. Our spring collection has just launched, and with it our first catalog! At the end of August, my book, Living with Pattern, will be released. I’m so excited to share with you how to use pattern in your home to share your story. In the fall we’ll also be releasing a new shibori color, as well as our first throws and woven pillows, and a collection of one of a kind embroidered pillows.

I want to thank all of you for supporting my line. For your thoughtful emails, Instagram comments, messages on Facebook, and orders. It means so much to me that you enjoy seeing my new designs and using them in your home. You can expect that I’ll be continuing to push our techniques, designs, and product offering forward over the next few years, and I hope we continue to see the growth that you have all made possible. I always love to hear from you and what you’re looking for so please don’t hesitate to send an email, instagram comment, or tweet and let me know what you think.

Thank you!


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