Living with Pattern Homes: Andrea Caccuro & Nelson Diaz

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

This series features the people who opened their homes to us for Rebecca's new book, Living with Pattern. All of the homes in the book belong to creatives or were designed by interior designers who know how to create a space that is truly personal to the people who live there. Their generosity and unique personal style allowed Living with Pattern to be as beautiful and special as it is.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: Describe your style in three words.
Andrea Caccuro: Eclectic, Classic, Vintage-Modern. 

RAD: Fabric of choice?
AC: Cotton

RAD: What are the top three tips for using pattern in the home? 
AC: Base it in a neutral color, think of textures as another form of patterns.

RAD: When it comes to pattern where do you save and where do you splurge?
AC: I splurge on special pieces, like tiles.

RAD: What is your Favorite pattern technique, style, or period? 
AC: Art Deco, Art Noveau, Dip Dyeing.

RAD: What's you go-to pattern resource? 
AC: Nature!

RAD: Where are your favorite shops for home decor? 
AC: Craigslist, ABC Home and Carpet, curbside on trash day, Nest, and auctions.

RAD: How do you like to decorate? If you live with others how does that affect the choices?
AC: We decorate by intuition and inspiration. It is a collaboration between us and we pull from each other's strengths. I'm good with color and Nelson is good with imagery and textures.

RAD: What inspired your pattern choices in your home or this project/room?
AC: The textiles and the Hudson River review inspired the color and pattern direction of the bedroom. I became obsessed with encaustic tiles a few years ago with dictated the direction of the kitchen and bathroom.

RAD: What do you love about using pattern? How does it shape how you use the space?
AC: Patterns are extremely personal, people either love them or hate them. I love that they draw so many emotions out of the viewer.


You can find Andrea & Nelson: 
Instagram: @casa_Hudson_NY

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