Beyond The White Bed

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

There’s no denying that a fluffy white bed can feel luxurious, light, and clean. Last fall I went on vacation to Japan and slept in the most comfortable bed with crisp white linens. It was the kind of bed that made you want to sleep all day, which may have felt even truer because I was fighting jet lag! While I love that dreamy feeling of a hotel bed, for me there’s nothing like being home in my own bed. By the end of the trip, I honestly couldn’t wait to be back in my own bed. 

Let’s look at how to make your bed feel just as luxurious, peaceful, and serene as an all-white bed but more personal and comforting. First, think about a place that makes you feel calm that has that light and airy vibe you’re looking to create. For me, it’s the idea of sleeping on a cloud. Close your eyes and let your mind wander a bit.

Now, pick your palette. Allow that place to inform your color choices. When I imagine sleeping on a cloud I see varying shades of white and gray, from soft pale dove to deeper purple grays. Imagining all of the variations and details helps widen your palette beyond white. You can still keep the colors very soft so it feels airy. Color can also feel breezy, so don’t discount it as a way to create the vibe you want.

Next, look for subtle dreamy patterns. The patterns you choose can tell a story. Our Marble Cloud duvet was inspired by the idea of swirling clouds. Painterly patterns are easy to mix with other patterns as well as solids. I think there’s something appropriate about more gentle patterns for the bedroom since it’s a place for resting. 

Remember to layer.  When you go with a super soft palette, the texture is key because it becomes a part of the palette. Mix woven matelassé with washed cotton, textured linen, and even a cozy knit or crochet. Your bed and bedroom will evolve and change so have fun.

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