Bring Nature Home: Think Green

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Living in Brooklyn, I find that I crave nature. We have a small backyard and it’s one of my favorite things about where we live. In the summer it’s so nice to see all that green. It’s refreshing after a day of meetings in the city. No matter where you live, finding a way to bring nature in can help you feel calm. Did you know that Standford researchers found that people who spent 90 minutes walking in nature significantly decreased activity in areas of their brain tied to depression?


That’s not always a reality if you live in the city,  but even looking at photos of landscapes can have a positive impact. This idea really resonates with me and its something I incorporate into our line with our nature-inspired patterns. I think a lot about how our calm patterns can help create a landscape inside your home. Creating a space that promotes well-being is really important to us, and so I wanted to start a new series around this idea of bringing nature home. We’ll be sharing more ideas over the coming months for ways you can incorporate nature into your space.

For our first post, I want to share with you an idea that inspired some of our new colorways.  When I was planning our trip to Japan last year I came across the concept of forest bathing. The Japanese have a term called “Shinrin-yoku” which means “taking in the forest atmosphere” and believe that simply being in the forest is medicine. I loved this concept and had never thought about how healing a forest can feel but have always associated that same concept with the ocean.

We decided to spend two nights between Tokyo and Kyoto in Yamashiro Onsen to get our green fix. We stayed at Beniya Mukayu, a ryokan with a beautiful green forest garden. The whole experience was quiet and restorative. There was so much green—and so many different shades. It made me think a lot about the importance of nature at home and how just the color green could help achieve this.

Embracing green as a color palette is a great way to bring this feeling of nature into your space.  Unsure where to start? You could add it in small ways, like a few pillows to see how this color makes you feel. Think about how green makes you feel. To me, it’s a very restorative color, while also energetic and full of life. It can be grounding in a living room, so consider an upholstered piece on one of our green fabrics. I love the idea of a sofa in green stripes—it’s classic but impactful. It’s also great for a bathroom or entryway. These are areas that can handle that full green impact! Consider one of our green wallpapers. Dreamscape in Jewel Green, Shibori Geo in Moss Green, Cat Cow in Green or Dotted Palm in Leaf are all great options for bringing in that landscape feeling.

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