Cloud Series: Sleep in the Sky

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Falling asleep on a cloud seems like the ultimate dream. Peaceful and soft, this is a place I can imagine drifting off to sleep with ease. Nature is a constant source of inspiration for me, and especially so when I want to create a restorative setting.

With noticeable movement and texture, clouds seem like the visual representation of a dream—they even look like a dream. They’re most often soft, gentle and soothing with beautiful nuances that are difficult to describe or decipher. Even on a stormy day, it can be meditative to watch them.  We see this collection similarly: Inspired by those infinite shapes and swirls seen in the sky, from serene moments to stormy ones.

The original artwork for this design began as a hand marbled paper. Suminagashi is a Japanese marbling technique that means “floating ink.” The process is meditative and mesmerizing all at the same time. I marbled two large sheets of paper to create this large repeat. You can learn more about the process of marbling here.

Our Marble Cloud duvet is designed to create a calming space. Neutrals-devotees will find these patterns don’t feel too far outside the comfort zone of a basic white or gray but are far more intriguing. Mix this pattern with lots of white and subtle hints of soft gray and even taupe.

Sophisticated and ethereal this soft pattern can also be deepened to create a different look. Mix in gray-lilac and midnight hues to create a stormier, but equally cozy, setting. Personally, I love to go with more chromatic neutrals versus desaturated grays as it creates more depth. You can also play with soft metallics.

Of course, this neutral duvet will go well with other colors as well as its such a great basic. If you’re testing the waters by adding more color to your bedroom try incorporating a marine blue-green first. It’s an easy color to layer onto grays and can be a building block for more color later.

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