Color Palette Inspiration: Blue on Blue

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

When it comes to pattern mixing, my first step is always choosing a color palette. A cohesive color palette can help different patterns work together more easily. To give you more ideas I wanted to start a new series with color palette inspiration.

If you’re a neutral lover and just starting to add color to your home, why not start with blue. Blue is calming, but also adds impact in a way that grays or tans don’t. Think about a landscape and that large stretch of blue sky. It doesn’t feel like an overpowering color, but natural, and thus neutral.

Personally, I love to mix different shades of blue to keep things interesting. You can have fun with it! Our Summer Stripe in Multi-Ocean has a gray stripe too which helps it tie back to other neutral colors you may already have in the space. Finding one blue pattern that has different shades, or even just painterly washes of color can help you mix blues more easily.

Ready to add more blue to your home? Here’s a pillow mix I’ve put together for you, a layered blue bedding look, or shop all of our blue patterns here

Be sure to check out our top pattern mixing tips and my book Living with Pattern for more ideas.

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