Color Palette Inspiration: Verdant Greens

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

When it comes to pattern mixing, my first step is always choosing a color palette. A cohesive color palette can help different patterns work together more easily. 

It’s fun falling in love with a new color. Green has been on my mind since I went to Japan last year. One of the things I love most about green is that it feels restorative and relaxing, but also lively. I always think of it as the color of growth. Mixing in green patterns can also be a great way to compliment a collection of plants—or if you don’t have a green thumb a good way to bring nature into your home, too

Ready to add more green to your home? Here’s a pillow mix I’ve put together for you, or shop all of our green patterns here.  Be sure to check out our top pattern mixing tips and my book Living with Pattern for more ideas.

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