Get the RA tote bag (and get rid of plastic!)

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

A couple months ago Rebecca came across this video about how we are a plastic society and it got us thinking all about plastic.

We all know plastic is bad for the environment, from production to where all these bags end up (Just Google ‘the Great Pacific Garbage Patch’). But they’re also bad for our tax dollars. In 2014 New Yorkers spent $12.5 million dollars transporting plastic bags to landfills and that doesn’t even include the price of litter removal that costs taxpayers millions of dollars a year. Also, did you know plastic bags aren’t free when stores and restaurants give them to you? The production costs of plastic bags are incorporated into taxes and other fees so the price of your food, clothes, and groceries is often higher to factor it in.

So, while supplies last, we are including a Rebecca Atwood logo tote bag in each purchase made online*. They’re 9”x12” so they are perfect for carrying your lunch or gym clothes. They’re also small enough that you can fold one up to stash in your purse or work bag for unexpected trips to the store.

You can offset the cost and carbon emissions of us producing these bags by using it instead of plastic bags for just one month!

All this talk of plastic bags got us thinking about how we package our goods. Our current dilemma being, we need a way to ship a high-quality product and protect it from the elements. We’ve all gotten the package in the mail that’s been bruised and inexplicably damp, so we would hate for someone to receive a pillow from us only to have it been destroyed in transit. We already use the simplest packaging practices with the least amount of polybags we can but we know we can do better.

At Rebecca Atwood Designs we’re committed to finding and implementing the most eco-friendly solutions to our packaging that we can by 2018. We believe that reducing the waste that our company generates can protect the health and safety of our global community. On the packaging front, we reuse boxes until they are falling apart and then they're recycled and we double up products in one polybag where possible. There are also a lot of choices we make when it comes to our fabrics, printing partners, extra fabric or scraps from production that we'll get into in upcoming posts so stay tuned.

Do you have ideas or eco-packaging companies you like? Leave me a comment below! 





*With the exception of swatches and yardage.



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