How to Choose a Color for your Bedroom

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

When you’re thinking about decorating your bedroom it’s important to ask yourself first, what feeling do you want the room to have? Calm and restorative, cozy and warm, or clean and cool? Write down some of the words that come to mind.  We often think of calm as white, but you can create something more personal if you spend a little time. Start with the over-arching mood, and then think about places where you feel that way. It could be a favorite room in the house where you grew up, a vacation getaway, a place in nature, or even something more abstract like a song or a work of art. Getting specific with what resonates most with you will help you know how to create that feeling in your own home. Now think about the colors that you associate with that idea and you’re on your way to creating a space that will be perfect for you. 
One of the places that always comes to mind for me is sitting by the ocean and watching the waves, or walking along the shore and letting the cool water rush over my feet. By the water, I feel at ease. This is a restorative place for me and feels like home. I often draw inspiration from the coast for my designs. Bringing this concept to your bedroom can be a natural fit and if it resonates with you then blue is a good color for your bedroom.
 In the summer, I often just want to feel cool. A respite from the heat is needed, and I crave the shade. You can bring this cool, calm moment to your bedroom with the color gray. Remember to layer shades and look for chromatic grays so that your space doesn’t feel too stark.
In the winter, I always wish I was laying on a beach with the warmth of the sun. I think that pink is an underrated bedding color. Think about the rosy glow it casts on your skin. Personally, I love pinks with more orange than blue in them. These blush hues may feel a bit more gender neutral too if you’re trying to convince your husband. 
Purple can be a polarizing color, but don’t rule it out. Monet called it the color of the atmosphere, and when the right hue is used sparingly it can give an ethereal vibe to a space. Pair it with whites, cool blues, taupes, and grays to keep it soft and neutral.
Do you love spending time outdoors in the spring? I also find there to be something comforting about a wet, gray, spring day when the only color seems to be pops of green. If that’s you, consider green for your bedroom as it’s a restorative color. Sunny mornings bring to mind yellow, and of course, the options go on and on. 
What’s your favorite color for the bedroom? Leave us a comment below.

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