How to Host with Less Stress!

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

Hosting is something that I am fairly certain either runs in your blood or does not. I learned how to host from my parents. My dad is one of the best cooks ever (I'm not just saying that because he’s my dad) and my mom is one of the most gregarious people ever (she can get anyone to do anything). Hosting is truly their way of showing their friends, family, and even new acquaintances, that they care about them. I’ve turned out to be the same way. I love to have friends over even just to sit on the back porch or watch football on Sundays. I once had a 20 person ‘Friendsgiving’ two weeks after we moved into our new apartment because I was so excited we had an extendable dining room table. Needless to say, it was BYOC (bring your own chair). In fact, if you come over and I don’t have snacks and a meal made you should probably start questioning our friendship.

But just because you love something doesn’t make it any less of a challenge. I relate to this video 100 percent. My husband likes to take photos of me frantically vacuuming the rug to text to our friends and constantly asks me if I’m trying to convince people we don’t, in fact, live in our apartment. As a result, I’ve found ways to make myself a (more) sane person on days when we have people over – especially when it’s a bigger party. Here are my five foolproof ways to host without stress. Sorry, less stress. 

1. Conquer all of your cleaning and laundry a couple of days before. This way you just have to do a quick wipe down of surfaces before people arrive.
2. Do all of your food shopping the day before (unless you need avocados in which case get those three days before and hope for the best). Leave anything non-perishable out on your counter. I once bought tons of chips and forgot to put them out for guests because I stored them way back in a cabinet. I then had to eat said chips all by myself.
3. Buy a crockpot. Not having to worry about the main dish is huge. Make it the morning of or the night before, let it cook all day and serve it right when it’s ready. Not only will your place smell amazing but you’ll also be able to focus on the easier side dishes and appetizers. Here are some of my favorite crockpot recipes.
4. Have guests bring only drinks. When I’m trying to get food ready but someone is walking in asking me for a bowl their appetizer I get all turned around in my own home looking for it. Set up a little bar area for wine so people can quickly drop off. Plus, having too much leftover food means it goes to waste, but too much leftover wine is the best problem to have.
5. Use your guests. Let someone help you set the table, choose the music, clear the table or do the dishes at the end of the night. People actually like to help out and it lets you spend a little more time enjoying your party.
6. Be a good guest. I know I said five tips but it’s worth noting! If you’re a good guest for your friends and family they’ll be good for you too. I always text the person who’s place I’m going to “On my way! Need anything picked up last minute?” This way you’re giving them the heads up in case they just hopped out of the shower and helping out if they somehow forgot a major item they needed.


With the holidays coming up I’d love to hear your hosting tips! Leave them below.


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