How to Style Your Bed

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

When it comes to the bedroom, your bed is really the focal point of the space. It’s also a spot where you spend almost a third of your life! Growing up, I remember the simple pleasure of changing bedding with the seasons. Flannel sheets for the winter, and crisp cool cotton for the summer. Making the bed is a necessity, but also an easy way to change the look of your room.


Stock you Linen Closet

You’ll need the basics: sheets, pillowcases, duvets, blankets/quilts, and maybe a throw blanket or two. If all of your linens work together your job will be much easier. If you have multiple pieces they’ll last longer than if you’re using the same pieces every day.

Mix and Match

Break up bedding sets and use them with other sets for a more layered and less perfect look. You may want to choose a loose color palette so it’s easier to mix and match different patterns.

Start Small

If you’re working pattern into your bed for the first time, start with the pillowcases. It’s a great way to test a pattern and see if you love it before committing to the full set. 

Layer, Layer, Layer

Styling your bed is all about layers. Start with the sheets. For the most part, they’ll be covered by other layers, so simple white is always a good idea. I also love small patterns for sheets. Top sheets are optional, but personally, I love them in the winter for another layer to keep in warmth. Next go for a thin coverlet, blanket, or quilt. This may be all you need in the warmer months. After that, I add on a duvet.  Fold it back halfway to show the other layers. You can even use different weight inserts depending on the time of year if you need something warmer or lighter. A throw blanket at the end of the bed can add texture, color, or pattern to the mix.

Pillow Pile

Once you have the main layers on the bed it’s time to add pillows. While I love decorative pillows in other areas of the home, I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to the bed. I like the pillows on my bed to be, for the most part, the ones I can sleep on! You can go for four standard pillows covered with pillowcases or shams, or you can mix in euros. Euros are large 26”x26” pillows that go closest to your headboard. You can stack your pillows all vertically, or have standard shams stacked one on top of the other horizontally. Pillowcases are a great place to try out something new like a bolder color or pattern because you change them out more often and they are smaller accents on the bed.

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