How to Take Insta-worthy Photos of Your Home

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

From the beginning of the design process, we always have the home in mind. Rebecca will bring fabrics and samples home to see how they look and feel in a real home, in different lights and against different textures and colors. But nothing can compare to seeing our product in a happy customer’s home. We are always so inspired to see how people use our products and that helps shape what we do next.

We want to encourage you to become a part of the #RAatHome community and we hope that inspires you to share too. Below are some tips for taking Instagram worthy photos of your home even if you aren’t a professional photographer.

Embrace natural light

Shoot when you have nice, soft natural light coming into your room. Pay attention to when the light is looking the nicest, and shoot them. Often morning and late afternoon, versus strong direct midday sunlight will have the best results. Also, be sure to turn off any interior lights.

Use your phone’s tools

Did you know on the iPhone you can adjust the exposure? Just tap the area on the screen until the sun icon comes up and then slide your finger up and down for exposure. It’s a great trick if the image is feeling too dark or light.

Align the shot

Meaning, vertical lines should be vertical and horizontal lines should be horizontal. To avoid distortion be sure that your camera isn’t tilted too far forward or back. Paying attention to the gridded lines help, and you can make most phones put a grid display on to help you line it all up.

Use a hard surface to steady the phone

If you don’t have a tripod or a steady hand, just balance the phone on a hard flat surface.

Tidy up a little bit

But not too much. Remember, the best styling is natural. It’s fun to see your home through the angle of a camera lens and discover a beautiful moment.

Move things around

Sometimes what looks good in real life doesn’t translate through the camera lens. You might need to move furniture in or out of frame for the composition to feel right.


I like to use the VSCO app. You don’t need to go crazy with filters, but it can easily adjust the temperature and values of an image to give it that pristine finish.

Have fun!

The more you try things out the more you learn.

We can’t wait to see your pictures! Be sure to share with us by tagging @rebeccaatwooddesigns and using the hashtag #RAatHome.


  • Great tips, thank you! I’d love to know what filters you like on VSCO.

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