Indigo Series: Feel Blue

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

For me, blue is a neutral. It’s calm and inviting, but can also be rich and deep. It’s the perfect color to bring into the bedroom because it’s soothing—just think about the sky and sea—but also has real color impact so your space is anything but boring. When I close my eyes and think about the color blue it just feels healing—and that’s how I want to feel after a good night’s sleep.

My first collection of pillows began hand dyed shibori fabrics. I love the unpredictability of this process and later experimented with folding paper and ink to translate this idea onto paper. The organic geometric layering of shapes is reminiscent of the hand dyed fabrics. This is where the artwork for the duvet began, and then we printed it on a beautiful linen in Portugal.

This pattern is a great way to add impact to a room that’s still soothing. Layer it with varying shades of blue, or consider brightening it with a peachy accent. Remember, blue can act as a neutral and since it also has more impact than a traditional neutral like gray, it can be a great balance to other colors.

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