Interior Designer We Love: Sarah Richardson Design

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

One of the things that I enjoy most about my job is working with our wonderful interior design clients. I'm always so excited to see our products in a real home! You can see all our the posts in our Interior Designers We Love series here

This home is by designer Allison Willson of Sarah Richardson Design. Sarah is an HGTV host and bestselling author of Sarah Style and At Home: Sarah Style published by Simon & Schuster Canada. We love how Allison used our Marble Cloud wallpaper in the paneling of this dining room. Hear more from Allison below about her client's home and why she used our wallpaper in their home. Photography by Lauren Kolyn.

From Allison:
This dining room belongs to a lovely young family of four, who wanted to breathe new life into their dated dining room. Initially, the clients had suggested a very contemporary design direction, void of fussy details, and too many layers. After considering the rest of the house, which in sharp contrast was more on the traditional side, we decided to take a contemporary approach to our traditional details - Rebecca Atwood's 'marble' wallpaper provided the perfect opportunity for that. We paneled the entire dining room with the intention of treating them in a contemporary way. By inserting each panel with the marble wallpaper, the entire space felt soft, textured and layered at the same time. This was key to creating a calming vibe without feeling busy or fussy. I think because Rebecca's wallpapers are water colour based and incredibly organic feeling, they can also be quite soothing. Pairing that with high gloss paint and high-end furnishings allowed the space to feel sophisticated, yet remain youthful and fun! 


  • So stunning! Love the organic forms of the wallpaper and the lighting. And the gray paint complements the wallpaper perfectly! What is it?

    Jessica Newman on

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