Interior Designers We Love: 2019 Fold Up

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

One of the things that I enjoy most about my job is working with our wonderful interior design clients. I'm always so excited to see our products in a real home! You can see all our posts in our Interior Designers We Love series here

Studio DB

"Our firm is known for creating warm, modern interiors with a touch of whimsy. We love to incorporate color and pattern in thoughtful ways to enhance our overall design vision. Fashion is a constant source of color and print inspiration, as well as art and historical references.

Each project we create is driven by our client’s lifestyle and personal taste. For those who wish for a softer palette, we often use a micro-print as a neutral background. If the goal is to create something bolder, we may mix together prints that share a similar color story and then pop in something a bit more random to keep things interesting!" - Studio DB



"Pattern adds depth and drama to a design. I always use pattern and texture as contrasts in a design scheme. The nubby texture of one fabric enhances the pattern of another. The same goes for [the] juxtaposition of finishes: the contrast of brushed hardware and shiny glass light fixtures make each stand out more." - Editedstyle


Becca Jones

"I designed this home in Nashville TN last summer for some amazing people that moved there from Charleston (where I am located).  Part of the project was designing the home studio of musician Bear Rinehart (Wilder Woods and Needtobreathe). They turned out amazing! I love imagining all of the creativity that happens in this space. " - Becca Jones


Lynn Tanger

"For the overall aesthetic, the goal was for it to be coastal without being too literal.  I fell in love with the soft colors and playful shapes of Rebecca Atwood’s fabrics and wallpapers and used them to set the stage for the rest of the design.

In the main room, I inverted RA’s Hills fabric on the drapery panels as a nod to the many boats we see from our windows daily.  Dashes wallpaper was the pick for the master bedroom as its calm, soothing pattern seemed to mimic gentle waves.  In the powder room, the walls were papered in Mixed Stripe which gave it a pop of color and an almost vintage feel when paired with the fixtures." - Lynn Tanger


Pure Salt Interiors

"We love working on projects in the quaint neighborhoods of Eastside Costa Mesa as all of the houses have such unique character. We had swooned over this house before we ever got hired to do the design. We were very inspired by the house's architecture when conceiving the design, drawing inspiration from places like the Playa Grande Beach Club in the Dominican Republic designed by Celerie Kemble. The house was already fairly updated before our client's purchased it, creating a nice blank slate for us to add some special touches that would turn their house into a home. We made fairly minimal changes to the front porch, like adding the custom house numbers and modernizing the shutter dogs, but adding the rope to the existing porch swing was one of the more impactful changes that really tied everything together (no pun intended)." - Pure Salt Interiors


South Harlow

"The owners are a sweet blended family of 5. Kathryn and Brian were newlywed and newly pregnant with their first (together) when we signed on with them. This was to be their first home as a blended family. Our mission was to create a beautiful space that reflected their modern coastal vibe while allowing them to live comfortably and actively in the home as a family. In other words, our goal was to make the home both beautiful and functional. The inspiration came from collaborating with Kathryn, our Client, on her interests and vision, their coastal surroundings and casual lifestyle, and the desire to make the space as inviting as possible. It was a labor of love and we built lasting friendships with our clients' in the process." - South Harlow

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