Introducing: Bedding!

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

I’m thrilled to introduce our bedding collection. This has been a long time coming, and we’ll soon be sharing all about that process, but today I want to talk about why we designed a bedding collection.

I believe that so much of life—well-being, productivity, feeling good—relies on a good night sleep. I love to sleep! I’m almost always in bed before 10 pm and firmly believe in 9 hours of sleepor more if I can get it in! It’s become a bit of a family joke because I’m always the first one to bed. I believe if your bed is a place you love it’s easier to get a good night’s rest. I wanted to create designs that encourage you to get to bed early, to wake up refreshed, and to enjoy those everyday moments. 

The bedroom is your most personal space, and it’s often one that gets neglected while you focus on decorating more public areas of your home that everyone uses, and guests see. Creating your perfect bedroom space is important because it’s a space for you to recharge. Taking care of yourself first allows you be a better version of yourself. We want to help you create this space so you can fully relax.

I thought about the places that made me feel most relaxed when designing this collection. I was inspired by soothing and calming natural elements: the ocean, clouds, moonlight, and the sun. Where do we want to fall asleep? Where do we want to wake up? We want you to fall asleep on a cloud, wake up by the sea, and dream in the moonlight. We want you to be transported to your favorite place.

We thought a lot about the patterns for this collection and how they can represent these dreamy places that will create the perfect backdrop for you to fall asleep. These patterns are personal, and they represent restorative settings. We hope they’ll transport you to a calm mindset.

Thank you for your support—and for being a part of our community! This collection is for you, so please let us know your thoughts. We always want to hear from you if there are things you’d like to see from us in the future.

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