Living with Color: Color Wheel Giveaway

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

This week is the countdown to the release of Rebecca’s second book, Living with Color. To celebrate we’re giving away a signed copy of the book in an RA tote and a zip.

Do you ever wonder if certain colors will look good together in your home? The color wheel is your tool to answer that question because it’s a visual representation of each color’s chromatic relationship to another. It’s made up of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. For centuries, the color wheel has been studied by artists, scientists, psychologists, and philosophers to understand the nuanced and varied effects of color on our minds, bodies, and souls. In Rebecca's new book, Living with Color she wants to help you find your colors so you can tell your story in your home.


To win we want to see your color wheel. Show us an image of your color wheel and the colors that tell your story; this could be made up of anything from paint chips to everyday objects to food or clothing. To enter share your color wheel on Instagram by using the hashtag #RAcolorwheel


We'll be sharing some of our favorites on Instagram and also compiling inspiration on our Pinterest board. Be sure to follow along and we'll announce the winner in our newsletter on September 11th!

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