Living with Pattern Homes: Harper Poe

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

This series features the people who opened their homes to us for Rebecca's new book, Living with Pattern. All of the homes in the book belong to creatives or were designed by interior designers who know how to create a space that is truly personal to the people who live there. Their generosity and unique personal style allowed Living with Pattern to be as beautiful and special as it is.

Our 'Living with Pattern Homes' series this week is with textile designer and importer Harper Poe and her home in Charleston, SC. We sat down with Harper to hear all about what inspires her, how she uses pattern and her resources. Harper is the owner of a beautiful online e-commerce site, Proud Mary, that sources all it's product from artisans around the world.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: Describe your style in three words.
Harper Poe: Modern, and simple.

RAD: What is your fabric of choice?
HP: Too many to choose but my heart lies with Mali and its mud cloth and indigo textiles.

RAD: Top three tips for using pattern in the home?
Mix and match, display the things you love, and switch out statement pieces in a room seasonally. 

RAD: When it comes to pattern, where do you save and where do you splurge?
HP: I purchase a lot of textiles and craft directly from artisans and markets when I’m traveling so I’m lucky to not have to splurge on materials but I do splurge on sewing.


RAD: Do you have a favorite pattern technique, style, or period?
HP: West African strip weaving techniques in all of its various styles; Aso Oke, Bogolan, Country Cloth, etc. 

RAD: What's your go-to pattern resource?
Markets when traveling


RAD: What are your favorite shops? 
HP: John Derian, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, The Loaded Trunk, and Accompany.

RAD: How do you like to decorate? 
I decorate based on what new treasures I bring home from my travels. I have a lot of furniture passed down from my traditional Southern family but like to pair with colorful textiles and random folk art and craft to balance out the tradition. And clean…not too much of anything.

RAD: What inspired your pattern choices in your home?
The people who made them and/or places I found the patterned pieces. 

RAD: What do you love about using pattern? How does it shape how you use the space?
I love pattern because the different patterns in my home have different origins which reminds me of the place and people that made them.


Where to find Harper Poe:
Instagram: proudharper
Twitter: proudmarydesign

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