Living with Pattern Homes: Angie Hranowsky Studio

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

This series features the people who opened their homes to us for Rebecca's new book, Living with Pattern. All of the homes in the book belong to creatives or were designed by interior designers who know how to create a space that is truly personal to the people who live there. Their generosity and unique personal style allowed Living with Pattern to be as beautiful and special as it is.

Our 'Living with Pattern Homes' series this week features the interior design work of Angie Hranowsky of Charleston, SC. Rebecca first met Angie through Studio Four, as Angie had created a collection of wallpapers for them. We chatted a little with Angie about her design process and what she loves about pattern. See more below!


RAD: What are your top three tips for using pattern in the home?
AH: One, mix large and small scale patterns, you never want multiple patterns that are all the same scale. Two, make a statement and use the same pattern on everything in one room... walls, furniture, and windows- it makes for a very cozy space. Three, if you have a room of solids mix in a pattern and spice it up

RAD: When it comes to pattern where do you save and where do you splurge?
You can save by painting a pattern on your walls. It could be a stripe or some other interesting pattern that will make a tremendous impact and not break the bank. Just make sure you’re handy with tape and level. I splurge on beautiful patterned fabrics, rugs, and wallpapers. They can make a room.

RAD: Do you have a favorite pattern technique, style, or period?
AH: I love so many patterns. I love tile! I love simple tiles that create beautiful patterns when installed and I love interesting tile shapes and always covering as much as area as possible.

 Living With Pattern Homes Angie Hranowsky Studio

RAD: What are your favorite shops?
AH: Gerald Bland, and John Derian

RAD: How do you like to decorate? How do you work with clients on this process
AH: I find out how the client and the family live in the house. Are they hard on pieces? Are there a lot of kids and/or animals? Or is it a more quite relaxed environment. Then I find out what their aesthetic likes and dislikes are and what colors they gravitate to. These things help me when I’m concepting and making selections. Each job is different. In some cases, the wife has the final say and in others, the couple makes decisions together. As the designer, I give them as much knowledge and information as I can and direct them to what I think are the right choices.

RAD: What inspired your pattern choices in your home or this project/room
AH: This client loves color and is not afraid to push the boundaries. I’m always looking for balance and sometimes that might mean mixing a lot of pattern. In this home I used pattern in only a few areas, mostly with wallpaper alongside blocks of color, which spoke to the modern architecture of the house.

RAD: What do you love about using pattern? How does it shape how you use the space?
AH: Pattern brings life to a space. It can be graphic or add a painterly quality to a room or even an organic feeling to a space. I love mixing a lot of patterns and thinking about the scale and colors and how they all comingle.

Here's where you can find Angie:
Instagram: @angiehranowsky
Twitter: @angiehranowsky
Facebook: Angie Hranowsky Studio



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