Living with Pattern Homes: Brian Paquette

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

This series features the people who opened their homes to us for Rebecca's new book, Living with Pattern. All of the homes in the book belong to creatives or were designed by interior designers who know how to create a space that is truly personal to the people who live there. Their generosity and unique personal style allowed Living with Pattern to be as beautiful and special as it is.

Our 'Living with Pattern Homes' series this week features the interior design work of Brian Paquette.  Brian is a talented interior designer whose work we've long admired. Rebecca and Brian originally became friends through the social media world, but we also work with the same showroom here in New York, Studio Four. Not only is Brian an accomplished designer, but he is also so kind and friendly.

Rebecca Atwood's Living with Pattern Brian Paquette Interior Design Home

RAD: Describe your style in three words. 
Brian Paquette: Collected, thoughtful, authentic.

RAD: What is your fabric of choice?
BP: It's case specific: I like natural durability whenever possible but understand the need for workhorse fabrics that are blends.

RAD: What are your top three tips for using pattern in the home?
BP: Balance of scale, knowing that patterns far away often become textures and openness to change.

RAD: When it comes to pattern where do you save and where do you splurge?
BP: Save on textures, splurge on hand crafted textiles.

RAD: Do you have a favorite pattern technique, style, or period?
BP: Organic modern and patterns referencing other areas of the world. 

RAD: What is your go-to pattern resource?
BP: Zak + Fox

RAD: What are your favorite shops?
BP: Totokaelo, Nickey Kehoe, Lawson Fenning, John Derian, Future Perfect, and March.

RAD: How do you like to decorate? How do you work with clients on this process?

BP: Teaching clients about scale suitability and balance. It’s a conversation and not a dictatorship.

RAD: What inspired your pattern choices in your home or this project/room?

BP: The client trusted us a lot but also punk rock, the age of the home and the work of Raymond Pettibon. 

RAD: What do you love about using pattern? How does it shape how you use the space?
BP: How people interpret it. People’s histories and ideas of things are so specific- it makes for some, often times, funny meetings.

Instagram: @brianpaquette



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