How We Make It Easier to Shop with Intention

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

Shopping with intention is hard. It’s easy to get plastic contained takeout every day for lunch, get coffees to go, or to always take a plastic bag. In a world of limitless online shopping that’s shipped right to your door and ways to buy more for less –it’s easy to shop without thinking about environmental and ethical impacts. In fact, ‘trends’ exist just to make us crave newness, throw out the old and buy more. Intentional shopping means different things to different people. To some it’s ten solid wardrobe items and a simple home filled with thoughtful products, to others it means thrift shopping and buying their furniture on Craigslist. The way you are doing it is up to you, but the values are the same – less waste, longer use time and environmentally and ethically sound production. It’s not about being perfect but about doing better.

At Rebecca Atwood, we are dedicated to sustainable production and took these intentions into consideration when producing our new bedding line. When we thought about vendors and materials for bedding we thought about the longevity of an item, how it would wash, how it would look years from now. We’re not about chasing the trend or making the least expensive item, we want you to feel good about your purchase for years to come. Our bedding should be softer the more you wash it and the colors should still feel fresh no matter what year it is. We worked with an agent in Portugal to make sure we found the right vendor who could create the look we were striving for with the least amount of environmental impact, had the ability to work with organics and paid their employees a living wage and treated them fairly. Rebecca spent a week in Portugal visiting factories making sure she felt comfortable with our final decision – a vertically integrated Oeka-Tex certified factory.

We hope offering you these items will help make your shopping experience a little easier and your sleep a little better. We believe the little things add up and help create change.

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