Mark Making Challenge

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Mark making is all about how you express yourself on a surface. It’s the lines, marks, textures, dots, smears, textures, scribbles, drips, and patterns we put down. Mark making is expressive and personal. It’s the language of the creator and it speaks to the hand and motions of the creative process. It’s a big part of my practice, and I love that this playfulness can result in the unexpected.

 Rebecca Atwood Mark Making

Mark making has a long history- think about cave paintings, Jackson Pollack, and your favorite contemporary artists and designers. We recently had a creative day in the studio where we all brought in different tools—rubber bands, bottles, cardboard packing, leaves, and potatoes—to experiment with mark making.

Mark Making

This week is the countdown to the release of my book, Living with Pattern: Color, Texture, and Print at Home. To celebrate we’re giving away a signed copy of the book-- the cover was as mark making experiment-- and a set of prints

To win we want to see how you make a mark. Show us an image of your mark making process; this could be anything from pen strokes on a piece of paper, to notches in clay, to stitches in fabric. Enter below and share your process on Instagram by using the hashtag #RAmarkmaking.  


We'll be sharing some of our favorites on Instagram and also compiling inspiration on our Pinterest board. Be sure to follow along and we'll announce the winner in our newsletter on August 30th!


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