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Posted by: Nellie Laskow

How did you come to work at Rebecca Atwood?

I met Rebecca in 2013 through my sister who was in her class at RISD. At the time I was freelancing in Brooklyn doing graphic design and photographer booking. Rebecca was looking for someone to assist her with production and fulfillment for her newly launched line. I met with Rebecca in her studio (the second bedroom of her apartment in Park Slope), and she showed me a pile of hand-dyed pillows and some early developments of a screen-printed fabric line. I wasn’t sure entirely where the company was going or how I could help, but I saw that Rebecca’s perspective, talent, and business mindset was unique. 

What do you do at RA?

I am our Sales & Marketing Director. I spend my day analyzing sales data and working on strategies for growth. I also run all of our digital marketing efforts and manage our e-commerce website.  I work closely with Hannah, our Sales & Showroom Manager, and Rebecca to find ways we can reach and best serve our trade partners and their clients. 



What is your favorite memory of your time at RA?

Wow, six years of memories! It’s really hard to choose just one. I think there are a couple of standout moments that make me smile—moving into our first studio, when the Method collaboration launched, shooting Living with Pattern, seeing the first picture from someone who installed our wallpaper in their home, and putting the sticker on the window of our NYC showroom that said “Rebecca Atwood: Coming Soon”. 

What advice would you give someone who wanted your career?

Make time for education, as formal or as informal as it may be. A little while after I started at RA, Rebecca asked me where I saw my career going and urged me to think about marketing. It merged two things I enjoyed – communication and data. I took General Assembly’s Digital Marketing intensive, and it was a huge turning point in my career. Since then, I’ve continued to learn by taking classes with Ask Holly How, and I started a Women in Business book club. I’ve also learned a lot about leadership and office skills from Adam Grant’s podcast WorkLife

I'd also tell them it's never too late to change your course or carve out your own. I graduated with a bachelor in science in 2011 (a terrible year to enter the workforce) and thought that my career would be in labs or as an environmental lawyer and nothing else. Instead, I used the skills I'd learned and the strengths I recognized during my education and followed a creative path.

What does "home" mean to you?

Home is where my 1 year old can make a mess, and I don’t feel the immediate need to clean it up. That means I feel at home in my apartment, my parent’s house, and my closest friends’ homes.


What is your favorite thing about your home?

I like how cozy my home is. Our bedroom has a little bit of our Petals in Taupe-Blue wallpaper in it that hides a very ugly fireplace, and it makes me so happy. 

What is keeping you calm right now?

This may be the hardest time we’ve experienced as a business, but it’s not the only hard time. Previous bumps in the road have taught me a lot about how our values have to dictate everything we do and made us build the infrastructure to not only grow, but also weather the lows. I look back at how far we’ve come, the homes our product is in, and the deep relationships we’ve made with our interior design community along the way, and I know that we’ll be okay. More than ever before, home is the most important place and that’s what we’ve invested in all along.

Personally, this time reminds me of my fourth trimester. I felt a loss of control of my life when my son was born and was really in a cocoon in my home for a couple of weeks. But with each passing week, things got easier, and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel of healing and learning.  

What is your favorite RA product?

Wallpaper, our new Linear Cloud in Gray. Fabric, our Speckled in Taupe

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