Method + RA Collaboration: Fall Collection

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Rebecca Atwood + Method HomeRebecca Atwood + Method Home


Fall is here and so is my second collection for method home. I have been thrilled to work with their team- they are truly an inspiring group of people! Here’s a look at the collection and each of the four fragrances.


Rebecca Atwood + Method Home - Collection Inspiration and Artwork


Blue Sage

I love the meditative practice of marbling, and I knew it was something I wanted to include in our collection. Suminagashi is a Japanese marbling technique that means “floating ink” and this is how the design began. Once I had hand marbled the paper I scanned it into the computer and colored the design. We paired this pattern with an herbaceous wintery scent and chose an icy green-blue palette.


Rebecca Atwood + Method Home - Blue Sage Artwork and InspirationRebecca Atwood + Method Home - Blue SageRebecca Atwood + Method Home - Blue Sage


Wild Violet

This design began as a painting in my sketchbook. When we were smelling fragrances for the spring collection, there was this one floral that I really loved. I told Suzanne, method’s fragrance guru, that I had a painting that would be a perfect match for this scent. While I don’t usually find myself drawn to florals, this one is sophisticated and not too girly.


Rebecca Atwood + Method Home - Wild Violet InspirationRebecca Atwood + Method Home - Wild VioletRebecca Atwood + Method Home - Wild Violet


Pink Persimmon

A stripe is always a good idea! It goes with everything and is a great way to bring a color scheme into your home.  Here I wanted to capture the rich palette of fall with tangerine, coral, and deep purples. This spicy and warm fragrance will be right at home through the holidays and into the new year.


Rebecca Atwood + Method Home - Pink Persimmon InspirationRebecca Atwood + Method Home - Pink PersimmonRebecca Atwood + Method Home - Pink PersimmonRebecca Atwood + Method Home - Pink Persimmon


Pumpkin Clove

Pumpkin bread is one of my favorite fall treats—along with One Girl Cookie’s pumpkin whoopee pies—and so we knew we needed to capture this fragrance with the collection. The pattern is inspired by my memories of curly vines in a pumpkin patch at dusk.


Rebecca Atwood + Method Home - Pumpkin Clove InspirationRebecca Atwood + Method Home - Pumpkin Clove


I hope you’ll enjoy these new designs and fragrances! Shop the collection at Target stores across the country and share it with the hashtag #methodlovesRA

Rebecca Atwood + Method Home - Fall Collection

Photography by Lydia Hudgens

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