Moon Series: Embrace the Quiet

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Soft and natural, this collection recalls the beauty in a muted landscape with hints of dormant color. While we love the vibrancy certain seasons bring, there is something magical about the subdued colors of hibernation. Whether it’s memories of verdant days, or just noticing the colors within a narrower range of hue, there is so much inspiration in these quiet moments.

Spotting a crescent moon while it’s still light out, always makes me smile. The moon is such a nice reminder of the passage of time and the cycles of nature that we have no control over.  On a weekend afternoon it inspired me to paint this simple shape in my sketchbook. I knew this subtle painterly pattern would be a beautiful layer to the bedroom.

This pattern is so versatile and easy to mix and match. Pair it with other neutrals and soft tones, or even with other gray patterns like a pair of our Watercolor Stripe pillowcases.

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