My Book: Living with Pattern!

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

I’m so excited that today my book, Living with Pattern: Color, Texture, and Print at Home, officially launches!

Rebecca Atwood's new book: Living with Pattern

This book is all about how to tell your story with pattern.  It starts with a primer that takes you through the basics on color, texture, and pattern.  We then dive into the home and go room by room, starting with the entryway, and talk about pattern’s purpose in each of these spaces. Each of the homes featured belongs to an amazing creative or was designed by an interior designer whose work I admire—but also knows how to make a home that is reflective of the home owners story.  This section is full of beautiful homes, tips, and explanations on creating a personal, patterned space. The end of the book has projects so you can get hands on, followed by a resource section with all of my favorites!

This has been a huge project that I couldn’t have done alone! It really takes a team, and even with all that support I can tell you there were times I thought I was crazy for taking this on. Thank you to everyone involved. Your support, help, willingness to be a part of the project, and encouragement means so much.


We visited 7 cities and shot 22 homes
Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY
Haverstraw, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Charleston, SC
Atlanta, GA
San Francisco, CA
Victoria, Canada


There were over twenty days of photo shoots and 256 selected shots.  Emily Johnston was a rock star, and I can’t imagine having done this without her! The book is 288 pages full of inspiration, and I hope it will help you tell YOUR story. 

Rebecca Atwood: Living with Pattern

Thank you to all of the homeowners who opened their doors to us!  Over the upcoming months we’ll be featuring each of the home contributors here on The Fold, so stay tuned.

Don’t forget to order your copy here if you haven’t already!

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