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Posted by: Nellie Laskow

Wallpaper can completely transform a space and evoke a mood—from soothing the mind to sparking the imagination. For this collection we looked for ways to project movement through pattern, turning to yoga poses and their endless flow of breath and shape to inspire the design. As a company, we’ve turned to yoga for solace, support, and strength and hope this collection can, in turn, provide the same for our customers.

Keep an eye here on The Fold for more information coming over the next couple weeks about how we produce our screen-printed wallpaper and see more images and hear about the different poses below. Click here to shop the collection. 

Cat Cow

Just as the name of this design would lead you to believe, the wavelike flow of cat and cow was how we dreamt up this design. Traditionally a sequence that warms the body up, enables flexibility and provides a grounding effect, we worked to create a pattern that would have these same qualities. The very first prototype for this pattern was a paper cut-out collage—the shapes have a similar 3-D-like effect

Dotted Palm

Inspired by one of our favorite poses, Tree, a grounding and strengthening posture, this repeating pattern is meant to provide a strong core for a room. It’s energizing and commanding but in a soft palette, it’s versatile enough to bring into your personal space. The pattern was developed in Rebecca’s sketchbook while on a vacation in Zihuatanejo, Mexico—a place where movement and color mesh into wonderful patterns and shapes.

Thin Stripe

Shavasana is often cited as a favorite pose of many (us, included!) for its restorative benefits and this calming, stress-relieving stripe pattern was inspired by the body at rest. The subtle simplicity of the pattern is juxtaposed with the hand-done stripes so, much like the organic movement produced by the breath in Shavasana, there is still a continuous flow despite the stillness.

Sun and Moon

The repeated Downward Dog and Upward Dog poses were part of the inspiration behind this motif—circular and similar to the waxing and waning of the moon or the rising and setting of the sun. The cyclical nature of these elements gives this a commanding presence while also strengthening the overall look of a room. The pattern was developed in Rebecca’s sketchbook while on a vacation in Zihuatanejo, Mexico—inspired by the sun and moon ceramics hanging on the door of her hotel she created her own interpretation of these celestial elements. 


Sun Stamp

Child’s pose, one of the most restorative of all yoga postures, is known to reduce stress and combat fatigue. These sketched coils represent the body curled at rest, but also the energy to begin something new and refreshed. 



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