New Year Goals 2020

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

I wrote about this last week, but 2019 was a year filled with changes both personally and for the business. It’s given me a new perspective and I know will influence where we go from here—even if that’s all still taking shape!

This time of year, I always like setting goals. There is evidence about how they help us achieve more, but it’s also just nice to take time to reflect on where we’ve been and to dream about what we want next. When I sit down to write goals, first I like to think about themes and general wishes for the upcoming year. Here are mine for 2020:


I want to renew our focus on personal and creative ways of working together as a team, with our customers, and also with our production and sales partners. I want to create a deeper level of community. I think this will likely be true every year, but this is top of my mind right now. These two words sum up so much of what I want for my life and the business. I feel so fortunate to get to build these personal relationships through my business.



This is a more personal one. In 2019, I didn’t have the same bandwidth I had in the past and our team changed and grew. With all of this, I want to improve my communication as well as how I present information. I want our team to talk more about leadership on a regular basis and what that means to us.


I believe creativity is at the heart of our growth. I’m excited to carve out more time for painting, making, and experimenting. I want to develop our collection with really special pieces that help you create more unique and individual spaces.


This is another more personal one, but I’ve been feeling the need to create more space in my life—space to think about what’s next, space to work on projects that require more time and in depth analysis, space for creativity, and space to breathe a little more in my day instead of rushing.


I believe that focusing on our values, our customer, and our designs means we will be successful—but I also believe we can improve how we run the business so that we are more secure. We’ve made a lot of strides here this last year, and I’m excited to focus more on this in the coming year. Running an efficient business means we can be more creative too.

Together, our team has all worked on our business goals for the upcoming year based on these themes, and I’m so excited to see how everything comes together. As always, I am here if you have feedback. I am truly grateful for your support as it allows us to come to work each day and do what we love. It feels very special.

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