Ocean Series: Relax by the Surf

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Growing up on Cape Cod, I spent a lot of time walking along the edge of the shore. We lived just a short walk from Cape Cod Bay. I loved how, after low tide, the low waves would wash onto the dry sand. This is a place I’ve always felt relaxed.

Romantic and soft, this collection recalls beachside evenings and the ever-changing shades and movements of the ocean—the loose patterns recall the bubbling surf as the tide goes in and out. Or you may feel as though you’re looking at the surface of a sleepy and still bay at dusk, while the light is soft and dreamy. We were inspired by both.

The artwork began as hand-painted marks. I would wet the paper first and lightly touch the brush to the page, allowing the paint to slowly spread as it desired. Watercolor and gouache are favorite mediums of mine. I love how the water creates elements of surprise, just like the ocean.

This duvet almost acts like a solid but has painterly textural variance like in nature. It’s soft blue coloring reminds me of the ocean or sky and laying in bed, this pattern makes you feel like you’re floating.  The beautiful linen fabric is breathable, cool, and washes well. 

There are so many ways to style this duvet. Mix it with soft creams and sandy neutrals to recall the original inspiration of a beach. This will keep things feeling light an airy. If you’re like me, you also just love the color blue. Embrace that love of the color and pull out varying hues from the duvet pattern. It’s a great way to mix different shades of blue and have them all work together. You can make this moodier by painting your walls a deep blue. We hope you’ll share how you decide to style this dreamy pattern.

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