October Inspiration

Posted by: Gaby Velez

Fall is my favorite time of year and it's when I feel the most inspired. Everything is so cozy and the colors are rich and vibrant. I made a list of the little things that inspire me this month:


1. Twig

I picked up this twig during a walk through Prospect Park. I love the shape of it and I'm thinking of making a drawing like an Ellsworth Kelly.


2. Ellsworth Kelly 


3. Collecting Little Pots


4. Anna Atkins 

For our next team creative day, I really want us to make cyanotypes like the beautiful ones Anna Atkins made.


5. Japanese Nezu Two Green Bowls 


6. Little objects in my home


7. Autumn in New York

This weekend I walked around Ditmas Park and found this puddle of colors!

8. Shibori dyed paper from our artwork archive. This artwork became one of our new wallpapers--Shibori Geo.

9. These colored pencils

10. Fairfield Porter 


 Happy Fall! 


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