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Posted by: Nellie Laskow

To celebrate the launch of Rebecca's second book, Living with Color, we joined some of our New York City trade partners in our Nolita showroom and had our aura portraits taken. It was so much fun to speculate what they'd look like and reflected on what we'd learn. Color is such an important tool in the home but we never think about the external colors our energy generates! See our portraits and hear about what each of us thought of our reading below.


Rebecca (Founder)

"Green is what's coming for me next. It's about growth, renewal, healing and teaching. Orange is my present and it's about creativity, life and energy with mental direction. Red is what I'm expressing and how others see me. It's about hard work, intensity, experience and output of energy. 



June (Fulfillment Coordinator)

"I didn't know what to expect with my aura though I felt it was pretty accurate to how I was feeling at the time. Red can be the color of creativity and confidence depending on the brightness. I was feeling active and goal-driven, really pushing personal projects at home and navigating a creative path internally. It was also my birthday so maybe some of my excitement there was contributing to my aura."




Nellie (Director of Sales & Marketing)

"I had been feeling really stretched thin the day we had our portraits taken so I was worried that it would be reflected but what the reader taught me is that it's all about your positive energy. My color was close to my body because I had to focus inward on me and my family instead of my social circle. I had a baby almost a year ago so this shift I've felt was represented.

She explained that the yellow coming in represents focusing hard on a set of skills in attempts at becoming an expert in a field. Violet above my head represents making the nonphysical physical. She said the violet around my mouth and throat meant I was working on expressing these ideas through words (makes sense for working in marketing!) And finally red is how I'm perceived by the outside world- grounded and getting things done."



Gaby (Design Assistant)

"I loved learning how the energy flows from the left side of the body out through our right side. I learned that I am moving on from a time of emotional healing to creativity and love. The orange and yellow colors showed that I’m seeking to find more creativity in my life and meeting people. The little white light above my head apparently means that loved ones are impacting my life and in return, I am giving back that love."


Suzanne (Operations Manager)

"This was my first experience with an aura reading, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. My reading felt on point! In the past year, I've had several major transitions both personally and professionally, so it made sense my incoming energy was green, representing change and growth. Since I am in Operations, it was affirming to see that planning and logistics (reds) with a dash of creativity (oranges) were strongly represented in the energy I put out. 

The most surprising thing was that my aura was so large, meaning I'm in a season of connecting, sharing, and socializing. Seeing that energy represented visually was just the bit of encouragement I needed to work on balancing the introspection I've needed to weather change with rekindling friendships. 

Buoyed by my reading, I went home and made a list of all the loved ones I miss and set calendar reminders for check-ins and scheduling plans."


Hannah (Sales Manager)

"This was my second time having my aura portrait taken by Glenna. In some ways, I knew what to expect, but in other ways, I was even more unsure than the first time. My life has changed so much in the last few years (career, relationships, you name it!), and I was curious about how that would affect my aura. Funny enough, when I compare my two portraits side by side it all makes total sense. Both feature similar colors of red, magenta, and violet, but my most recent portrait is so much more vibrant. It also has the new addition of indigo over my throat, which is connected to communication and empathy. It was amazing to see that while the core colors are the same, the growth in my life was reflected in the brightness and fullness of my new portrait."


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