Our Bedding Fabrics and Why We Love Them

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

The best way to decide what bedding you like most is to feel it, wash it and live with it for a little while. For example, my husband always thought he loved a sateen percale sheet because it’s what he grew up with but one summer I put a percale sheet down because it was hot and he fell in love with it because it felt so crisp and clean. We recommend buying shams to test out what sheet you like best in different seasons. It is a low commitment cost and you can really make sure you love the quality before you commit to a full bed. Hear more about our bedding fabrics and why we chose them below (including our plans for the future!)


Our linen duvet is made from the flax plant and is a great option if you like the feel of little texture. The flax is grown in Belgium and France, spun into yarn in China and then woven, printed, cut and sewn into a duvet at the mill in Portugal. It can feel cleaner and crisper and it’s even more durable than cotton. Linen is quite laborious to produce but when it is well taken care of, a linen bedding set can last for many years.



The organic cotton used in our percale duvets is grown and spun in India. The yarns are then woven, printed, cut and sewn at the mill in Portugal. Percale bedding is smooth, flat and a closely woven fabric. It’s crisp and has a lighter hand feel with a matte finish, unlike the shine of sateen. It’s perfect for hot weather as it’s a more breathable fabric. It also washes really well. We love that is washes well because that just means it gets softer and better the longer you live with it. We want you to enjoy this for years to come!



Sateen bedding is woven from long staple length cotton and is known for their high thread counts and sheen. Sateen is soft to the touch and is good for someone who likes something that feels luxurious like hotel bedding. As we grow our bedding collection, we will likely add sateen.

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