Our Fall 2020 Collection Color Palettes

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Lately, I’ve been thinking about pattern, color, and texture as building blocks for creating a personal, natural habitat. I’ve always thought about my designs as pieces that can be mixed and matched to tell different stories, and in looking at the current line, I saw an opportunity for more foundational pieces.

I want to help you create interiors that feel like landscapes. Home can become a vacation, a haven that makes you feel calm, and a retreat where you can be rejuvenated. It almost always comes back to nature for me.


Color Palette: SHORE

This is a soothing color story, inspired by the shore. The neutrals shift from parchment, sand, taupe to cooler grays, and then there is a pop of black. The black adds a graphic contrast to the softer foggy colors. It reminds me of the black stripe on a boat coming in off the water, or a rope washed along the sand.


Color Palette: TWILIGHT

This color palette is cozy and reminds me of twilight. Its deep blues vary from a true navy to one that veers off into purple. Toward the end of the day, purple can often be found in shadows, and pink clouds streak the sky.

There’s even a pop of yellow, which can be so sunny and bright, but here reminds me more of light reflecting off of the water at night or a yellow traffic light against the darkening blue-purple sky, which will sometimes stop me on a walk with its beauty.


Color Palette: GREEN

This color story is about feeling grounded. Green is a restorative, healing color and can also represent growth. The taupes and neutral hues soften this palette, giving it a quiet and calm quality that promotes restfulness.

There are pops of brighter and deeper greens that could inform more layering, and it’s a great foundation for a scheme. Some of the greens are grassy and dry, while others verge towards mint and blue.


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