Our New Embroidery Collection

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

I'm so excited to introduce our new embroidery collection. We love that working with embroidery adds texture and a hand done aesthetic to the home. It’s also an opportunity to play with some brighter accent hues. Over the coming week or so we'll be sharing more about the specific inspiration behind the collection--much of which came from a trip to Zihuatanejo, Mexico--as well as how it's made. These fabrics are the first thing we've produced out of the United States, and we chose to work in India because it's really the best place for embroidery. 

Sun and Moon Design

This celestial design has a printed sun motif, and an embroidered moon motif created with a hand guided CAD embroidery machine.

Spring Design

This happy spring inspired design has a printed "leaf" motif with a hand embroidered dashes on top.

Dot Dash Design

This happy design has a printed dotted dash motif, and an embroidered dot motif created with a CAD embroidery machine.

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