Our New Spring Collection

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Our new collection is inspired by the natural beauty of spring –  from the first soft greens popping up, to the muted neutrals of driftwood on the beach, and the radiance of a garden in bloom at sunset. We love to bring nature into the home because it makes you feel good! I looked to serene landscapes from fields of grass to seascapes and meadows of wildflowers for inspiration.

Inspiration comes not only from the natural world, but memories, dreams, and day to day experiences. I love to pick up little things like a rock or shell while walking along the beach or textiles while traveling. Then I add these to my collection of inspiration in the studio. For this collection, I returned to two vintage textiles -- a scarf that belonged to my Great Aunt Libby and a fragment of a vintage textile I picked up in Tokyo, Japan. Everything is filtered through my sketchbook practice. Drawing, painting, and collage are all techniques I used to create the original artwork for these new patterns.

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