Our New Spring Collection

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Spring is my favorite time of year. I always feel a lightness return as the days get longer and warmer. I’ve been thinking a lot about the burst of nature we feel in early spring. Living in the city, I’m often confronted with more contained and cultivated forms of nature like gardens and house plants rather than fields of wild grass and flowers.

Looking out the sliding glass doors to our tiny backyard in Brooklyn, the greenery feels expansive. Even though the area itself is small, the plants create a spacious-feeling respite from the city. I love reminding myself that we can find moments of expansion even if a space might otherwise feel tight.  When putting together my initial thoughts for this collection, I reflected on how I might incorporate more plant life into my home in a low maintenance way.


I wanted to draw on my memories, and went back through some of my college artwork. I remembered how I’d been fascinated with natural patterns, fractals, and the order in nature. I thought about the images of nature that speak to me. I looked at the paper cut outs I made then and thought about how those could be paired with marble patterns I more recently created. 

I also imagined the gardens of Piet Oudolf, which I’ve only experienced on the High Line in NYC and through images, and the beautiful grasses he uses. His gardens evoke wild elegance, germinating from a planned structure. I thought about the idea of a breeze, and what it would look like if it were one single mark repeated together to create something else.


The color, patterns, and textures we add to our home can offer a variety of feelings to our space, whether expansive, protected, or joyful. I wanted to develop a collection of the building blocks for creating your natural habitat at home. Some designs are textural and truly foundational, whereas others are more iconic and even representational. The result is a pattern filled collection with pieces meant to be layered to create different stories, spaces, and feelings.

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