Plants with Patterns

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Last week we talked about finding pattern outdoors and creating patterns in your backyard. I wanted to talk a little this week about using plants in your home and outdoors to create some pattern. Not only are they beautiful but they’re good for the air and just make a space happy. My friends at The Sill, a New York-based company that finds the perfect plants for you, reminded me that Mother Nature is one of the most creative sources for pattern and I couldn’t agree more. It’s a great place to start when creating a patterned palette, as those natural patterns are often the inspiration for many of the designed ones – that’s certainly the case with my line. Here's The Sill's top list of easy to care for patterned plants.

Snake Plant,
Sansevieria trifasciata 

Prayer Plant,
Maranta leuconeura

Watermelon Peperomia,
Peperomia argyreia 

Silver Philodendron,
Scindapsus pictus

Zebra Haworthia,
Haworthia attenuata

 Check The Sill's full line of plants here!

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