Portugal Photo Diary Part 1: Porto

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Our visit to Porto, Portugal was a quick one (less than 48 hours) but filled with inspiration. Here I'm sharing a few of my favorite shots as well as my recommendations on where to stay, eat, drink, and shop.

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My Favorite Spots:

To Stay:

Flores Village Hotel + Spa

The location is ideal as it's centrally located and we were able to walk around and get a sense of the city even on such a short trip. They also have great coffee which is a big plus when fighting jet lag. We loved our rooms, as well as the outdoor garden.


To Eat + Drink:

Cantinho do Avillez - We loved our waiter, who was quite funny and charming, as well as the food. Highlights included the roasted octopus and veal risotto.

Rui Paula DOP - This was a treat! While you can't see much of the menu online everything was delicious. The highlight may have been the dessert my Dad got which came on a plate covered with a glass dome filled with smoke. The presentation here was part of the meal experience.

We also liked the restaurant right next to our hotel for a glass of wine as well as a little wine bar right down the street (the name I've unfortunately forgotten). 

We walked over the bridge to walk around and taste some port. While I'm not a big fan of port, it was interesting to try some of the different varieties that they had.


To Shop:

I didn't have much time for shopping, but my favorite spot in Porto and Lisbon was A Vida Portuguesa.


  • Well how divine.Portugal is so under-rated.Many go unknowing of the Language -but adore it.The people and food and scenery. Good job go to other spots there.

    Debra Ponte on

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