RA at Home: Anita Yokota's Kitchen

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

We're so excited to share part one of Anita Yokota's RA at Home. Anita wanted to put up our Double Dash wallpaper as a backsplash in her kitchen without having it be permanent. Enter, plexiglass! See how Anita achieved this DIY here and learn more about Anita below.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: Tell us about yourself.
Anita Yokota: I’m Anita, the interiors stylist/designer behind anitayokota.com. It’s filled with effortless style, home design and beautiful photography to satisfy one’s desire for all things creative and inspiring. I have designed our home with light and bright vibes that exudes a warm and casual invitation to stop by here anytime.

Growing up in a second generation Asian American home, I spent countless hours looking at my mom’s collection of Better Homes & Gardens and re-arranged my family’s furniture constantly. My favorite pastime as an 8 year old was to pretend the bedroom I shared with my sister was an NYC loft apartment (complete with bunk beds).

Later, my work with clients added to my passion for interior styling and it led me to start an Instagram account and blog.  Domino Magazine awarded my blog “Best New Design Blog” and I am so pleased my passion for helping others design in an attainable manner is being recognized.  My commitment is to always give readers the most on-trend design tips that are easily translated to any home. Its most helpful to me to be given easy steps and that is how I help others style and design their spaces.

I’m also the Accidental Plant Lady so I love sharing plant knowledge and design ideas with all kinds of plant babies! Who knew designing with plants would be so fun?

RAD: What does 'home' mean to you?
Home is my ultimate safe zone and respite. It is where my family and I make memories and share laughter and tears. So it is important to me that we feel cozy and comfortable. 

RAD: What motivates you?
I am a giver through and through. So when I am passionate about something, I share! Obviously, I love good design and I have a heartfelt desire to show that anyone can make their space stylish and comfortable with any budget or means.

RAD: How do you like to spend your weekends and free time?
With three busy little girls, our weekends are filled with activities like ballet class, swim meets and birthday parties. But we also love family game nights, going to the movies and we are all major foodies! We love baking together and enjoying sushi at our fav restaurant. On my own, I love dreaming up new designs and perusing my fav design blogs. It is pure magic for me. I also love listening to music and getting outdoors a hike.


RAD: What's your philosophy when it comes to personalizing your space?
It definitely has to be functional, informal and effortless. My top priority as a designer is to listen to my client’s needs.  Ultimately, this is how I design for my family too.  How Travis and the girls feel and move in our home provides the impetus for my designs in each space.

RAD: We see pattern as a storyteller, how do you use it in your home?
Absolutely! Three things drive my design game: patterns, textures and prints. If you see my home, the vibrant pattern on the kids’ bed or the tone on tone pattern on the master bed can evoke a completely different sense of intimacy.

RAD: What is your favorite thing about pattern?
AY: How it visually plays with our perception of the space. I love RA patterns because although neutral, it evokes movement which is the first criteria I look for when I design. I do not want the space to feel sterile.


RAD: What is your favorite thing about your home?
The favorite thing about my home is our new master bedroom makeover! In our many years of marriage, our budget has always been put towards things for our kids and common spaces. This is the first time ever we have invested in our own space as a couple which is really important to us. Now we can relax at night in calm and inviting aesthetics. We really appreciate the quiet respite it offers us.

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