RA at Home: Emily Henderson

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

Emily Henderson has long been decorating her (and her clients') homes in Rebecca Atwood but we were blown away when she used our Mixed Stripe and Dashes wallpapers in her new Portland home. See more from her home below and read more about this project here.

From Emily: "Let’s start with that insanely beautiful wallpaper from Rebecca Atwood. It is the Mixed Stripe in Blue-Slate. When we were designing this room, we toyed around with quite a few different patterns for the wall but landed on this one and I am so glad that we did. Because this room is directly off the living room and can be seen from the front door as well as the family room and kitchen, it needed to have something that was interesting on the walls but did not scream “look at me.” An Oscar-winning supporting role but not a leading lady with an overly dramatic death scene. Impactful but not over the top. You get it.

So to give the walls some interest, we brought in a bold paper done in a quiet color. If we had done the same wallpaper in a more dramatic colorway, it would have read busy, which wasn’t what we were going for here. The pattern helps to move the eye around the room, while the tonal blueish-gray color doesn’t compete with all that beautiful woodwork from Metrie on the bottom half of the walls."


"Some might wonder why we would choose such a dark color for a small, windowless room. In fact, Sara did, actually (she’s in the middle of juggling the renovation of her new home and curious about some of the “whys” recently). Her exact question was “um, why would you pick such a dark paint for a room with zero natural light?” After all, doesn’t white make a small space feel airier and more open and dark colors soak up all the light? Well, if you’ve been paying attention (Sara!! 😉 you’ll know from Design Mistake #3 that white in a small, dark/windowless room feels sad and boring. Two things a powder bath shouldn’t be. A room that’s geared toward guests’ comfort and is only occasionally used,  it’s a perfect place to do something bold and exciting. So, save the “sad and boring” for that in-law suite (should you live in a mansion and hate your in-laws).

Rebecca Atwood’s Dashes wallpaper brought the “excitement” and Waterloo by Sherwin-Williams brought the “bold,” but the tones are consistent throughout the space. It’s a good balance. Sure, had the whole space been painted this dark color, it might have risked feeling cave-like (which, if that’s the look you’re going for, rock it, we just wanted something a little less heavy than that). It’s also arguable that such a high contrast, small-patterned wallpaper could have been dizzying floor-to-ceiling in a tiny room. But the combo makes me so happy. It’s drama I can’t turn away from…like the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise. "

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