RA at Home: Orlando Soria of Hommemaker

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

For this month's RA at Home series, we are so excited to share how interior designer, blogger and author Orlando Soria updated his parent's guest bedroom with our Sun series. Below he shares with us a bit about his sleep routines and the little changes that make a difference when getting into bed. Shop his collection here.

What time do you go to bed?
I wish I went to sleep earlier. Usually I go to bed around midnight - 1 AM. I’m usually out doing stuff (meetings, dinners with friends, working out) until 8 or 9 so I feel like I need a few hours to do nothing before I fall asleep. I need to get better at going to bed earlier because I love the morning.

What’s on your nightstand?
My nightstands are meticulously styled with accessories I don’t touch. I have my friend Erin’s book “Feminasty” on my nightstand right now. It’s a great read that I definitely recommend. It’s a field guide for feminists written in a funny and completely personal way. My favorite accessory on my nightstand is a little sculpture from Art of Block. I feel like he’s a little friend to wake up to every morning.

What’s your nighttime routine look like?
I wish my night routine were more aspirational. Basically I just lay all over the sofa watching TV like a slob (my current favorite is “Sisters” on Netflix) then go to bed when I feel I’ve gotten tired enough that I won't lay in bed staring at the ceiling freaking out about the future. I do love my bed though, and normally if I feel stressed out I try to concentrate on how cozy it is to lull myself to sleep.


What’s your favorite thing about your bed?
My favorite thing about my bed is how cozy it is. I’ve layered it so that during the day (when it’s made) it looks really stylish. But all those pillows and throws have the added benefit of feeling really luxe to sleep under. I love the mix of patterns and textures that make the bed feel cozy and collected.

What are you reading/watching in bed?
The new season of “Insecure” just started and I love that show SO much. I just feel like Issa Ray is such a wonderful voice and I love all the fashion. It’s like non-basic “Sex and the City.”

Top tip for getting a good night’s sleep:
Honestly this is going to sound crazy but I tend to just repeat “everything is okay!” if I’m feeling anxious. I tend to wait until bedtime to start thinking about all the stuff I’m worried about. When I recognized that pattern, I realized I was seeking out things to be stressed about and that was getting in the way of sleep. Just reminding myself that everything is good helps me calm down and fall asleep.

What motivates you?
I think I’m mostly motivated by a desire to make things and communicate with people. All my work these days is about creating beautiful spaces, creating pretty photos to share, or writing/creating video content to inspire people about design. I don’t know where this desire to communicate came from but I’m going with it.

How do you like to spend your weekends and free time? 
I’ve been working a lot on weekends, but I just picked up hot yoga, which is hard and makes you want to die but also makes you feel so good after. My favorite thing to do lately is head up north to visit my family in Sonoma County. I have two nephews and a niece and my whole family is up there so it’s just fun to hang out and play with the babies.


Does your bedding change with the seasons?
Yes! I love adding more texture during winter months (knits, cozy pillows) and going a bit crisper/cleaner in the summer. I think changing things up around the house is the best way to keep things totally fresh.

What little changes do you think make the biggest difference when getting in bed? 
Pillows are important. It seems like an afterthought but if you have a terrible pillow it ruins sleep. I need a big fluffy down pillow (that doesn’t get too flat) to sleep. I hate the hard synthetic ones.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
The best piece of advice I’ve received is from my dad, orlanDAD. He told me to seek out the best people and learn from them. Sometimes it’s intimidating to be around people who are amazing at what they do, it can make you feel inferior or unaccomplished. But it’s a great way to study how and why people are successful, and learn from them.


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