RA at Home: Sarah Elliott

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

For this month's RA at Home series, we are so excited to share how Sarah Elliott updated her bedroom with our Crescent Moon duvet. Sarah is a photographer based in New York and we have been lucky enough to work with her. Below she shares with us a bit about her sleep routines and the little changes that make a difference when getting into bed. Shop her collection here.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: What time do you go to bed?
Sarah Elliott: After 11pm

RAD: What’s on your nightstand?
SE: We don’t have nightstands at the moment - looking for new ones. 
RAD: What’s your nighttime routine look like?
SE: Usually an herbal tea before bed and reading the news. 
RAD: What’s your favorite thing about your bed?
SE:  It’s size. When we moved upstate we upgraded to a king...we can never go back. 

RAD: How do you like to spend your weekends and free time?
SE: We spent the last 5 months DIY remediating the lead paint on our windows which took up all our free time and weekends. Weekends now entail our local farmers market, cooking for friends, antiquing in Hudson (Red Chair on Warren!), hiking, and museums (we love Art Omi and Mass Moca). When it’s warm we try to get in as much pond swimming as possible. 

RAD: Do you always make your bed in the morning?
SE: I try to ;  )
RAD: Tea, coffee, matcha or nothing?
SE: Coffee w/ cashew milk (Elmhurst - so good!)

RAD: How often do you change your sheets? (Truthfully)
SE Once a week

RAD: Percale, Sateen, or Linen?
SE: Linen

RAD: Are you back, side or belly sleeper?
SE: Side / belly

RAD: White noise or no noise?
SE: No noise

RAD: Top sheet or no top sheet?
SE No top sheet

RAD: Alarm clock or phone alarm?
SE: Phone alarm

RAD: Phone in bed or phone far away from the bedroom?
SE: Close by

RAD: Are you a napper?
SE Definitely not

RAD: Two pillows or one?
SE: One

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