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For this month's RA at Home series, we are so excited to share how Sharon Radisch updated her bedroom with our Watercolor Stripe Duvet. Sharon is a photographer based in New York and we have been lucky enough to work with her. Below she shares with us a bit about her sleep routines and the little changes that make a difference when getting into bed. 


Rebecca Atwood Designs: Tell us about yourself.

Sharon Radisch: Hi! My name is Sharon and I am a photographer based in NYC. I also run an online magazine called, “En Ville” (http://www.lifeenville.com). Last year, I had the immense pleasure of working with Becca, photographing her second book. I live in Brooklyn with my husband and our sweet little dog, Ray. 

Rebecca Atwood Designs: What time do you go to bed?
Sharon Radisch: For the past few months, I’ve really been trying to go to bed earlier. Depending on my workload, I go to bed any time between 10 pm and 1 am. The night before shoots, I try desperately to be in bed by 10:30 pm, as call times are usually pretty early (and I need a lot of sleep!).

Rebecca Atwood Designs:  What’s on your nightstand?

Sharon Radisch: Menu’s JWDA Table Lamp, reads (currently: “It Chooses You” by Miranda July, Cereal Magazine’s NYC Guide, and The Paris Review) and my little white noise machine. I also keep a stack of publications under my nightstand, as I love flipping through magazines before I go to bed. Some favorites are The Gentlewoman, Unconditional Magazine, and The Skirt Chronicles.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: What’s your nighttime routine look like?
Sharon Radisch: I never go to bed without brushing my teeth and washing my face. That is the bare minimum. Most nights, I manage to do my skincare routine before hitting the sack.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: What’s your favorite thing about your bed?
Sharon Radisch: Well now it is my Rebecca Atwood bedding! It feels so luxurious to crawl into it at night. Otherwise, I’m not too crazy about our bed in general. We are aiming to get a new bed this year and I’m pretty excited about that!

Rebecca Atwood Designs: If you wake up in the middle of the night what do you do to get back to sleep?
Sharon Radisch: Thankfully, I don’t wake up for long periods of time in the middle of the night. Usually, it’s just a quick bathroom break and then I’m back asleep within a few minutes.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: What are you reading/watching in bed?
Sharon Radisch: I’m reading “It Chooses You” by Miranda July. I also switch it up and flip through magazines. I’m such a sucker for independent magazines; I just love them. Being a photographer, I’m also a big fashion ad and editorial junkie. I love flipping through the glossies to see the latest ad campaigns and editorials. As for watching, I’m currently rotating between Scandal and This is Us.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: Top tip for getting a good night’s sleep:
Sharon Radisch: Wear an eye mask!

Rebecca Atwood Designs: What motivates you?
Sharon Radisch: I’d say that I’m pretty motivated in general. On days where I’m feeling extra exhausted, I listen to my body and get a little extra sleep. My morning cup of coffee is also a bit of a motivator in the mornings. As long as I’ve had enough sleep, I’m usually pretty excited to get up and start the day.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: How do you like to spend your weekends and free time?
Sharon Radisch: Well working for yourself means a lot of working weekends and limited free time (that’s not a complaint! I love it!) so most of my time is spent working these days. However, if I do have a day off, I enjoy strolling around SoHo and visiting my favorite magazine stores, meeting friends for a leisurely cup of coffee or just sitting at home with a stack of reading materials that I can enjoy all day.
Rebecca Atwood Designs: Does your bedding change with the seasons?
Sharon Radisch: It does! We have one comforter for the warmer months and one for the winter months. Other than that, all else stays the same.
Rebecca Atwood Designs: What little changes do you think make the biggest difference when getting in bed?
Sharon Radisch: Getting into a neat bed. Sometimes I make the bed just to get into it. It’s a pet peeve of mine to get into a messy bed.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: Do you always make your bed in the morning?
Sharon Radisch: I wish! I do enjoy a made bed, but usually we don’t have time. I find that I make the bed when we are hanging around at home.
Rebecca Atwood Designs: Tea, coffee, matcha or nothing?
Sharon Radisch: Coffee THEN matcha!

Rebecca Atwood Designs: How often do you change your sheets? (Truthfully)
Sharon Radisch: My husband is the sheet-changer and gets very motivated to do so at night when I want to go to bed. I joke with him that I need to know in the morning if he is planning on changing the sheets that evening so that I can mentally prepare myself. If it were left up to me, I’d probably never change them, just because I’d forget.
Rebecca Atwood Designs: Percale, Sateen, or Linen?
Sharon Radisch: Oh goodness I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t know. We don’t splurge too much on our sheets, because we don’t use a top sheet (we have a collection of them in the basement). Usually, it is whatever is 100% cotton and on sale, since we know we aren’t going to use half of what is in the package.
Rebecca Atwood Designs: Are you back, side or belly sleeper?
Sharon Radisch: I fall asleep on my side and then usually wake up on my back.
Rebecca Atwood Designs: White noise or no noise?
Sharon Radisch: White noise! My husband got me a white noise machine for my birthday and I love it.

Rebecca Atwood Designs: Top sheet or no top sheet?
Sharon Radisch: No top sheet! So restrictive!
Rebecca Atwood Designs: Alarm clock or phone alarm?
Sharon Radisch: Guilty of the phone alarm.
Rebecca Atwood Designs: Phone in bed or phone far away from the bedroom?
Sharon Radisch: I use my phone as an alarm clock so it sits on my nightstand. I’m not addicted to my phone, so I don’t have a problem putting it down to fall asleep.
Rebecca Atwood Designs: Are you a napper?
Sharon Radisch: Never! Well only if I’m sick, or really not feeling well. Otherwise, I don’t enjoy napping. I’d rather just get a really good night’s sleep.
Rebecca Atwood Designs: Two pillows or one?
Sharon Radisch: We have about 6 pillows on our bed (ha!). I rotate depending on how my neck is feeling. I also hug one and put one in between my knees.

Photos by Sharon Radisch

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