RA at Home: Will Taylor of Bright.Bazaar

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

A couple years ago Will Taylor of Bright.Bazaar used our Splotched Dot fabric to make shades for his new NYC home. We love his bright, classic sense of interiors and were thrilled when we heard he purchased a beach house and wanted to use our new bedding line in it. Shop Will's pick here and hear from him below!

Rebecca Atwood Designs: Tell us about yourself!
Will Taylor:
I’m an interior stylist, author and content creator working with global brands around the world. I founded my blog, Bright.Bazaar, in 2009 and have since grown the site and its social platforms to have 2.6 million followers. The two design books that I wrote and styled have now been published in eleven different languages, and I also appear as an on-air design expert. I recently designed and launched a limited time 40-piece furniture and home decor line that’s available at grandinroad through the end of 2018. I grew up in England but now live in New York City with my husband.

RAD: What time do you go to bed?
Between 11 pm and midnight.

RAD: What’s on your nightstand?

- Books; I’m currently reading Less by Andrew Sean Greer. 

- Water.

- My phone (which is bad but true).

RAD: What’s your nighttime routine look like?
I always shower before bed no matter how late it is. If it’s a weekday I usually give my emails and social media one last check through before shutting off for the night. It’s not the best habit but running your own business means that things like this are usually necessary if things need to get done! Then, my heartmate and I read for around 20mins and then watch an episode of a TV show to relax before going to sleep.

RAD: What’s your favorite thing about your bed?
It’s the perfect height, not too low, not too high. Oh, and I love that it has a generously upholstered head to it because it makes reading in bed more comfortable, and it means my pillows don’t slip through holes in the headboard, which is a bed design pet peeve of mine!  

RAD: What are you reading/watching in bed?
Reading (see above). Watching The Looming Towers. It’s a mini-series based on the real-life happenings in the CIA and the FBI in years leading up to 9/11. Fascinating, troubling and thought-provoking with very believable performances. Highly recommend it.

RAD: What motivates you?
Independence. Being able to provide for myself and my family without needing to rely on or be in debt to anyone.

RAD: How do you like to spend your weekends and free time?
I love to take tennis lessons with my heartmate, as well as go for long walks and hikes together. Having time to practice my photography, do an extra workout and spend a little quality time with a friend also brings me happiness. 

RAD: Does your bedding change with the seasons?
Yes, always. I’d change it more regularly if I could! I love a quick decor refresh, it’s so invigorating.

RAD: What little changes do you think make the biggest difference when getting into bed?
We make the bed every morning. Getting into an unmade bed is just not for me. Different strokes for different folks, I guess!


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