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Posted by: Nellie Laskow

When Caroline Lee first contacted us that she and Anne Sage were redesigning her bedroom inspired by "70s granny chic" we had to know more. When we learned that the whole room would be a play on tones - from pink to blush and every color in between - we knew that we'd have a fabric that would work. Caroline had her heart set on our Marbled Stripe Fabric in Blush which she sewed into curtains herself. This room is so both unexpected and beautiful. Something that could only be a product of this talented duo.

Caroline answered a few questions for us about herself and her home below. Be sure to check out this room's feature in Domino as well to get the whole scoop from Anne!

Rebecca Atwood Designs: Tell us about yourself.
Caroline Lee: I'm Caroline -- an LA-based photographer that lives with my Aussie husband, Jayden, in Atwater Village.

RAD: What does home mean to you? 
CL: It is where I choose to belong. I've lived in many places (countries) in my life, and 'belonging' is a theme that keeps returning. Belonging is more about choosing first and then creating the feeling to follow.

RAD: What motivates you?
CL: The insane idea that I might discover something new that no one else has found yet. That I could create meaningful connections with and for other humans.

RAD: How do you like to spend your weekends and free time?
CL: Sitting in bed watching Netflix...which is why my bedroom design is so important!

RAD: What's your philosophy when it comes to personalizing your space?
CL: Evolve early, evolve often. My space is an extension of who I am and how I express myself.

RAD: What is your favorite thing about pattern?
Using it fearlessly - mixing and matching in ways that seem unexpected and intriguing.

RAD: How do you tell your story with your decor?
CL: My home is an extension of myself. Jayden and I love it when friends walk in and say, "This space is so you guys." That makes us feel like we're doing something right.

RAD: What is your favorite thing about your home?
CL: The light!

RAD: What little changes do you think make the biggest difference at home? 
CL: Intentional purchases. I'd rather splurge on a really great, memorable rug and chair and have fewer elements to style with on the shelves.

RAD: Tell us about a favorite memory from a previous home.
CL: My husband and I first lived in Australia together, and the first home we lived in was in the Macedon Ranges outside of Melbourne. It was heated by wood-burning stoves and we had kangaroos in our yard at dawn and dusk. We adore LA, but a piece of our hearts are still very much in Oz.

Here's where you can find Caroline online:


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