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Posted by: Nellie Laskow

We're big fans of Gray Benko's Instagram and photography around here so we were thrilled when she reached out that she was recovered one of her mom's chairs and wanted to use our Tidal Waves fabric. We love how this room turned out. Hear more from Gray about what makes her house a home and her interior design philosophy below and be sure to check out her work here. Her home was also featured on the Glidder Guide here

Rebecca Atwood Designs: Tell us about yourself.
Gray Benko: My name is Gray Benko and I am a photographer/ stay at home mom.

RAD: What does 'home' mean to you?
GB: As cliche as it sounds, home to me is anywhere that my family is.  Without them running around and driving me crazy, any space would feel empty.

RAD: How do you like to spend your weekends and free time?
GB: I love spending time outdoors with family and friends but every now and then, I love a good weekend where we don’t leave the house or even get out of our pajamas. 

RAD: What's your philosophy when it comes to personalizing your space?
GB: If you don’t love something don’t buy it just to fill space. I have gotten to a place where I only buy something if I am 100 percent in love with it. The rest can wait.

RAD: How do you tell your story with your decor?
GB: My home was built in the 1890’s.  I love the history of it but I also love that I can bring a new chapter to its existence with my own personal style and decor.

RAD: What is your favorite thing about your home?
GB: I love living in a home steeped in history.

RAD: What little changes do you think make the biggest difference at home?
GB: Honestly, when we recovered my parents old armchair (complete with horrendous fabric from the 1990’s) it was such a fun change.  The fabric managed to breathe new life into something that serves as a reminder of my childhood and is now one of my favorite pieces.

RAD: Tell us about a favorite memory from a previous home.
GB: I’ll never forget walking up the stairs in our first home, for the very first time, with our brand new baby girl in my arms.

RAD: If you work out of your home, how do you make your home and office space work together?
GB: I have tried so many rooms in my home for my office space but I finally settled on our family room.  I hated having to hide away from the rest of my family while I worked.  Now I get to work and still be a part of whatever else is going on in the house.



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