Rebecca Atwood x Pottery Barn

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Today, we’re debuting a new collection that, from the beginning, was designed with the goal of bringing happiness and calm into peoples’ homes, something I think we could all use right now. In full transparency, it does feel strange to share a product launch in this challenging time. That said, we all put a lot of love into these products and we’re incredibly proud of how it turned out and excited to share this launch with you.

I started working on this collection at a time that I felt disconnected from my creativity. I was in the early days of new motherhood and knew this was an opportunity I wanted. I had to carve out time to paint and had to figure out how to let those ideas come again. Designing this collection, I really reconnected with that part of myself again, and it was very healing.

The Pottery Barn team was such a wonderful partner in this collaboration, and they all put so much into creating these products — from the product itself to the packaging, photography, marketing plan and much more. 

This partnership allowed us to explore product categories that are normally very cost-prohibitive for a small brand and offer them at a very accessible price point, including table linens and removable wallpaper


We’re also exploring products for the bathroom for the first time with this collection, something I’ve long wanted to do, with some really fun pieces including a shower curtain, towels and cosmetics cases.

I hope this collection will spark joy for you too and bring happiness into your home. See the full collection over on Pottery Barn.

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