Rebecca Atwood's The Scargo Collection

Posted by: Rebecca Atwood

Our fall collection began with memories of the frosty landscape of late fall on Cape Cod. Some winters the lake behind my childhood home, Scargo Lake, would freeze deeply enough that we could skate on it. Designs sparked by the frosty water patterns below the lake's surface, dried leaves along the shore and muted purples of dusk make up this assortment of pillows and throws.

These ideas are filtered through my studio practice in Brooklyn. Drawing, painting, and experimenting are all part of the design process.

Playing with dye and saran wrap the "Water" pattern came to life. Our cozy throws were inspired by collages made of painted papers. We worked with weavers in Chicago to translate these ideas, playing with structure but adding in softness through tonal yarn combinations tie the ideas together.

Luxurious but relaxed these designs can be mixed and matched with one another with ease. Production for this collection includes Pennsylvania for printing, weaving in Chicago and then sewing Brooklyn.

I hope you love them as much as I do!



  • Love this collection!!!! Brings back lots of memories ?
    Thank you, it’s gorgeous!!!

    Megan Bresnahan on

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