Reupholstery Guide

Posted by: Nellie Laskow

You have a piece of furniture you love.

Now what?

We’ll take you through the steps of making your very own custom piece and make sure you’re getting the right help for your project.

First things first, you'll want to pick a woven fabric for any upholstery project. It can hold up with wear and tear. 

If you are feeling up to doing it yourself you can follow our reupholstery instructions here for simple things like headboards or footstools. 

Or you could leave it up to the experts and find an upholsterer (just ask us for a recommendation.) 

How much fabric will I need?
Will there be any additional costs due to the nature of the furniture? (replacing cushions/pillows, repairing the frame, re-tying or replacing springs, etc.) What are the pickup and delivery charges?
Should I use down or foam cushions or a combination?
What is your recommendation for density based on the piece?
Will you use a padding fabric on the back and sides of the furniture?
Do I need any specific information on my fabric shipment?

How the pattern should run on the piece and if you want the pattern on the front and back of the piece (a drawing can be helpful here).
If you want a down, foam or combination cushion.
What you want the finish to look like for arms, skirts, cording, etc. (Bring pictures or drawings to help explain your ideas and hear suggestions) 
Fabric Width and Pattern Width
Fabric Repeat
Fabric Content

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